Baldwin's last diary and notebook - Baldwin’s final journey took him to Ohio to investigate the Indian mounds in the southern part of the state. He traveled on the advice of the Council, who urged him to take a break from his work to regain his health. On August 13, 1835, Baldwin began his journey west, his route taking through Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and Wheeling. He set out for Zanesville, Ohio, on August 20, riding on the outside of the coach, as was often his custom. As the driver headed down the National Road, the right of way was impeded by a drove of hogs. The horses took fright, the driver lost control and the coach toppled over, fatally injuring Baldwin. Buried in Norwich, Ohio, Baldwin was identified on his gravestone as Librarian of the American Antiquarian Society. His diary and other possessions were returned to Worcester by Isaac Southgate of Leicester, Massachusetts, an acquaintance Baldwin made on his journey. The small notebook that Baldwin used to record his impressions while travelling was bound into the folio diary that contained his expanded account. Baldwin Papers, 1816-1835, Folio vol. 4. AAS Archives.

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