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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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AAS-National Endowment for the Humanities Long-Term Fellows

Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Adelman Joseph 2011-12 AAS-NEH Johns Hopkins University lecturer Revolutionary Networks: The Business of Printing and the Production of American Politics, 1763-1789
Anthony David 2012-13 AAS-NEH SIU Carbondale associate professor The Sensational Jew in Antebellum America: Conversion, Race, and the Making of Middle-Class Culture
Augst Thomas 2013-14 AAS-NEH New York University associate professor A Drunkard's Story: Social reform and mass culture in nineteenth-century America
Banks Kenneth 2005-6 AAS-NEH University of North Carolina, Asheville visiting assistant professor Slow Poison: French Contraband in the Early Modern Atlantic Economy, 1660-1800
Basch Norma 1990-91 AAS-NEH Rutgers University associate professor Framing American Divorce: Rules, Realities, and Mythologies, 1770-1870
Bascom Benjamin 2018-19 AAS-NEH Ball State University assistant professor of English Feeling Singular: Masculinity and Desire in the Early Republic, 1786-1822
Baseler Marilyn 1999-00 AAS-NEH University of Texas at Austin assistant professor Strangers within our gates': America's Immigrants, 1776-1820
Baumgartner Kabria 2022-23 AAS-NEH Northeastern University associate professor of history & Africana studies Revolutionizing the City: Black Youth and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Boston
Beales Ross 1977-78 AAS-NEH College of the Holy Cross assistant professor Concepts of Childhood and Youth of NewEngland
Bell Richard 2007-8 AAS-NEH University of Maryland assistant professor Do Not Despair: Suicide, Property, and Power in the Newly United States
Bennett Paula 1996-97 AAS-NEH University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale associate professor Dissenting Angels: The Emergence of Modern Subjectivity in American Women's Poetry, 1850-00
Bercovitch Sacvan 1986-87 AAS-NEH Harvard University professor The Literary Market in 19th-Century America
Billias Margaret Neussendorfer 1982-83 AAS-NEH University of Texas, Permian Basin associate professor Bibliography of the Works of Elizabeth Palmer Peabody
Blumenthal Susanna 2016-17 AAS-NEH University of Minnesota professor of law and associate professor of history Humbug: A Legal History
Boggs Colleen 2015-16 AAS-NEH Dartmouth College professor Civil War Substitutes: How the Military Draft Changed American Literature
Bolker Jamie 2021-22 AAS-NEH Newberry Library independent scholar Lost and Found: Wayfinding in Early America
Bollettino Maria 2013-14 AAS-NEH Framingham State University assistant professor Slavery, War, and Britain's Atlantic Empire: Black Soldiers, Sailors, and Rebels in the Seven Years' War
Bonner Robert 2006-7 AAS-NEH Dartmouth College visiting assistant professor Crossings to Freedom: Fugitive Slaves and the Completion of American Liberty
Braun Juliane 2022-23 AAS-NEH Auburn University assistant professor of English Translating the Pacific: Nature Writing, Print Culture, and the Making of Transoceanic Empire
Brown Richard 1977-78 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor Communications Networks in Pre-Industrial America
Brown Richard 1992-93 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor The Idea of an Informed Citizenry in Early America,1650-1865
Bynum Tara 2016-17 AAS-NEH Rutgers University postdoctoral fellow in English Reading Pleasures
Childs Greg 2018-19 AAS-NEH Brandeis University assistant professor of history Scenes of Sedition: Racial Politics in Bahia during the Age of Revolution
Chow Juliana 2017-18 AAS-NEH Saint Louis University associate professor of English Lacunae: Vital Language and the Casualties of Natural History
Chu Jonathan 1987-88 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Boston associate professor Where's Mine?: Debt in Post-Revolutionary Massachusetts
Cockrell Dale 1983-84 AAS-NEH Middlebury College assistant professor The Journals of the Hutchinson Family
Cockrell Dale 1994-95 AAS-NEH College of William and Mary David N. and Margaret C. Bottoms professor Demons of Disorder: The Early Blackface Minstrel and His World
Cohen Daniel 2007-8 AAS-NEH Case Western Reserve University associate professor Burning the Charlestown Convent: Private Lives, Public Outrage, and Contested Memory in Nineteenth-Century America
Cohen Patricia 1987-88 AAS-NEH UC Santa Barbara associate professor Safety and Danger: Women in Public
Cooke Nym 1992-93 AAS-NEH Eagle Hill School Sacred Music in New England, 1720-1780: From Ritual Towards Art
Cooper Abigail 2016-17 AAS-NEH Brandeis University assistant professor of history ‘Lord, Until I Reach My Home’: Inside the Refugee Camps of the American Civil War
Cooper Cecilio 2021-22 AAS-NEH Tulane University visiting assistant professor of English South of Heaven: Surface, Territory, and the Black Chthonic
Corman Catherine 2000-1 AAS-NEH Harvard University assistant professor Reading, Writing, and Removal: Native American Literacies, 1820-1851
Crain Patricia 2005-6 AAS-NEH University of Minnesota associate professor Spectral Literacy: Children, Property, and Media in the Nineteenth Century United States
Crawford Nicholas 2021-22 AAS-NEH Washington University in St. Louis postdoctoral fellow Sustaining Slavery
Crosby Sara 2005-6 AAS-NEH University of Notre Dame Ph.D. candidate The Female Poisoner and Popular Print Media in New England, 1840-1860
Danger Sara 2022-23 AAS-NEH Valparaiso University associate professor of English In Their Own Words: Child Writers and the Nineteenth-Century Press
Davidson Ben 2023-24 AAS-NEH Saint Michael's College Visiting scholar in history Freedom's Generation: Coming of Age in the Era of Emancipation
Dayton Cornelia 2004-5 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut associate professor Self and Sanity in Early New England
DeLombard Jeannine 2007-8 AAS-NEH University of Toronto associate professor Ebony Idols: Famous Fugitive Slaves in Britain before the Civil War
DeLucia Christine 2015-16 AAS-NEH Mount Holyoke College assistant professor The Itineraries: Seasons of History in the Native Northeast and Ezra Stiles' New England
DiGirolamo Vincent 2000-1 AAS-NEH Colgate University assistant professor Crying the News: A History of America's Newsboys
Dillon Elizabeth 2010-11 AAS-NEH Northeastern University associate professor Gender, Sex, and Modernity: Geographies of Reproduction in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
Dippold Steffi 2020-21 AAS-NEH Kansas State University associate professor of English Plain as in Primitive: The Figure of the Native in Early America, 1640-1700
Eastman Carolyn 2011-12 AAS-NEH University of Texas assistant professor Gender in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World of Print
Erkkila Betsy 2014-15 AAS-NEH Northwestern University professor of English Imagining the Revolution: Literature and Politics in Insurrectionary America
Fisher Linford 2014-15 AAS-NEH Brown University assistant professor of history The Land of the Unfree: Africans, Indians, and the Varieties of Slavery and Servitude in Colonial New England and the Atlantic World
Formisano Ronald 1976-77 AAS-NEH Clark University associate professor Massachusetts Political Culture, 1790-1840
Franklin Wayne 1994-95 AAS-NEH Northeastern University Davis distinguished professor Biography of James Fenimore Cooper
Freehling William 1989-90 AAS-NEH Johns Hopkins University professor The Road to Disunion, Vol 2: Secessionists Triumphant, 1854-61
Friend Craig 2019-20 AAS-NEH North Carolina State University professor of history Lullaby of Freedom: Lunsford Lane’s America
Garcia John 2019-20 AAS-NEH Florida State University assistant professor of English Without Order: Booksellers and the Failures of the Early American Book Trade, 1679-1840
Gilmore-Lehne William 1990-91 AAS-NEH Richard Stockton College of New Jersey associate professor The State of Knowledge on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution
Ginsberg Lesley 1997-98 AAS-NEH Stanford University recent Ph.D. The Romance of Dependency: Childhood and the Ideology of Love in American Literature, 1825-1870
Graff Harvey 1988-89 AAS-NEH University of Texas, San Antonio professor Conflicting Paths: The Transformations of Growing Up, 1750-20
Grandjean Katherine 2017-18 AAS-NEH Wellesley College assistant professor of history The Harpe Murders and the Legacies of the American Revolution
Greenspan Ezra 2016-17 AAS-NEH Southern Methodist University Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Chair in Humanities and Professor of English The Lives and Times of Frederick Douglass and His Family: A Composite Biography
Hall David 1981-82 AAS-NEH Boston University professor History of Popular Culture in Colonial New England
Harvey Samantha 2017-18 AAS-NEH Boise State University professor of English Reading the Book of Nature: Imagination, Observation, and Conservation in Transatlantic Romanticism
Harvey Sean 2010-11 AAS-NEH Northern Illinois University visiting assistant professor American Languages: Indians, Ethnology, and the Empire for Liberty
Hawley Elizabeth Haven 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Florida University librarian special and area studies collections, George A. Smathers Libraries A Perfect Machine: The Adams Power Press
Hazard Sonia 2018-19 AAS-NEH Franklin & Marshall College visiting assistant professor of religious studies The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America
Heller Lee 1989-90 AAS-NEH Mercer College assistant professor The Novel as Popular Literature: American Fiction in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Henretta James 1984-85 AAS-NEH Boston University professor Law and the Creation of the Liberal State in America, 1770-1870
Herrington Eldrid 2003-4 AAS-NEH University College, Dublin assistant professor Civil War, Revision, and Self-Representation
Heyrman Christine 1979-80 AAS-NEH UC Irvine assistant professor The Culture of Charity: Merchants, Ministers, and the Social Order of New England,1680-1740
Holton Woody 1999-00 AAS-NEH Bloomsburg University assistant professor Republics of Hope and the Empire of Despair: A Social Interpretation of the United States Constitution
Hoopes James 1983-84 AAS-NEH Babson College professor Consciousness in New England
Howell William 2020-21 AAS-NEH Boston University associate professor of English Worldly Muses: American Occasional Poetry from the Revolution to Reconstruction
Hughes Amy 2015-16 AAS-NEH Brooklyn College (CUNY) associate professor An Actor's Tale: Theater, Culture, and Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century America
Huston Reeve 2017-18 AAS-NEH Duke University associate professor of history Reforging American Democracy
Jarvis Michael 2003-4 AAS-NEH University of Rochester assistant professor 'In the eye of All Trade': Bermuda and the Atlantic World, 1612-1815
Johnson Linck 1984-85 AAS-NEH Colgate University associate professor Walden in Its Time
Johnson Paul 1985-86 AAS-NEH Princeton University guest lecturer From Yeoman to Factory Hand: Studies in Early Industrial Society
Kamil Neil 2012-13 AAS-NEH University of Texas at Austin associate professor Artisans of 'Inventive Genius': Atlantic Refugees, Niche Economies, and Portable Devices in the Manufacture of Polite Matter, 1640-1789
Karlsen Carol 1994-95 AAS-NEH University of Michigan associate professor Relations of Power, the Power of Relations: Iroquois Communities in Western New York, 1750-00
Kelley Sean 2008-9 AAS-NEH Hartwick College associate professor Gone to Africa: A Rhode Island Slave Ship and the Making of a Diaspora
Kelley Wyn 2023-24 AAS-NEH Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senior lecturer of literature Brazi in Early North American Black Print Culture
Kiechle Melanie 2014-15 AAS-NEH Virginia Tech University assistant professor of history Smell Detectives: An Olfactory History of Nineteenth-Century America
Kimnach Wilson 1993-94 AAS-NEH Clark University affiliate professor Literature of the Sermon in Eighteenth-Century America
King John 1980-81 AAS-NEH University of Michigan assistant professor Puritan Psychomachy: Themes of Piety and Mental Pathology in Early America
Lacey Barbara 1996-97 AAS-NEH Saint Joseph College associate professor Religious Imagery Transformed: The Eighteenth-Century American Illustrated Imprint
Lamore Eric 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Professor of English “Unstable as Water”: Early Black Atlantic Literature and Textual Fluidity
Larkin Edward 2006-7 AAS-NEH University of Delaware assistant professor The Loyalist Origins of United States Culture
Larkin Jack 2011-12 AAS-NEH Clark University affiliate professor David Claypoole Johnston and the Representation of American Life, 1797-1865
Laurie Bruce 1993-94 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Amherst professor The Search for Security in Nineteenth-Century America
Leavenworth Peter 2007-8 AAS-NEH University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate Accounting for Taste: The American Music Business in the Early Republic and Confrontations in Music Aesthetics, 1770-1825
Levy Barry 1998-99 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Amherst associate professor The Ordeal of Early American Equality: Orphans, Poor Children, and the Massachusetts Labor Regime, 1630-1820
Lowance Mason 1976-77 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Amherst professor Symbolism in American Writings from the Puritans to the Civil War
Lukasik Christopher 2004-5 AAS-NEH Boston University assistant professor Discerning Characters: Social Distinction and the Face in American Culture, 1780-1850
Main Gloria 1978-79 AAS-NEH independent researcher The Massachusetts Farmer and his Family
Malka Adam 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Oklahoma Associate professor of history The Carceral Turn: Crime and Punishment during the Civil War Era
Mandell Daniel 2012-13 AAS-NEH Truman State University professor The Lost Tradition of Equality in America, 1600-1870
Manegold Catherine 2005-6 AAS-NEH Emory University professor In an Office Built by Slaves
Manion Jen 2012-13 AAS-NEH Connecticut College assistant professor Crossing Gender: Female Masculinity in the 18th & 19th Centuries
Marini Stephen 1988-89 AAS-NEH Wellesley College professor Religion in the American Revolution
Marini Stephen 1988-89 AAS-NEH Wellesley College professor Migrants and Itinerants, Schools and Psalmody: Neglected Networks of Religious Culture in Revolutionary America
Martini Elspeth 2018-19 AAS-NEH Montclair State University professor of history Humanitarian Authority and Indigenous Dispossession in the U.S. and British Empires
Martinko Whitney 2022-23 AAS-NEH Villanova University assistant professor of history The Corporate Origins of Cultural Property
McNamara Martha 2004-5 AAS-NEH University of Maine associate professor New England Visions: Landscape Representation in History and Art, 1790-1850
Meldrum Barbara 1990-91 AAS-NEH University of Iowa professor Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Dynamics of Nineteenth-Century American Progress
Michelon Christina 2019-20 AAS-NEH postdoctoral fellow Printcraft: Making with Mass Images in Nineteenth-Century America
Moore Sean 2014-15 AAS-NEH University of New Hampshire associate professor of history Slavery and the Making of the Early American Library: British Literature, Political Thought, and the Transatlantic Book Trade
Morgan Philip 1996-97 AAS-NEH Florida State University professor The World of an Anglo-Jamaican Planter in the Eighteenth Century
Morgan-Owens Jessie 2012-13 AAS-NEH Nanyang Technological University assistant professor Letters of Light: Photographic Writing in the Literature of Abolition
Moskowitz Marina 2013-14 AAS-NEH University of Glasgow associate professor Seed Money: Improvement and Exchange in the Nineteenth-Century American Garden
Moynihan Kenneth 1992-93 AAS-NEH Assumption College professor A History of Worcester
Mucher Christen 2015-16 AAS-NEH Smith College assistant professor Before American History
Murphy Sharon 2018-19 AAS-NEH Providence College professor of history and classics Banking on Slavery in the Antebellum South
Murrin John 2001-02 AAS-NEH Princeton professor Crisis and Upheaval in the English Atlantic World, 1673-1692
Nelson Adam 2008-9 AAS-NEH University of Wisconsin, Madison associate professor Nationalism, Internationalism, and the Origins of the American University
Nerone John 1996-97 AAS-NEH Institute of Communications Research, IL associate professor US Newspapers from the Revolution to the Industrial Revolution
Neuman Meredith 2008-9 AAS-NEH Clark University assistant professor Letter and Spirit
Nissenbaum Stephen 1991-92 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Amherst professor Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter
O'Brien-Kehoe Jean 1998-99 AAS-NEH University of Minnesota associate professor Changing Identities: Native American Peoples in Early New England
O'Connell Barry 1995-96 AAS-NEH Amherst College professor Surviving Identites: Native American Writers and Their People's Survival, 1780-1840
Olsavsky Jesse 2021-22 AAS-NEH Duke Kunshan University assistant professor of history Fire and Sword Will Affect More Good: Runaways, Vigilance Committees, and the Rise of Revolutionary Abolitionism, 1835-1861
Onuf Peter 1984-85 AAS-NEH Worcester Polytechnic Institute assistant professor The Northwest Ordinance
Pawley Emily 2009-10 AAS-NEH University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate 'The Balance Sheet of Nature': Calculating the New York Farm, 1825-1860
Piggush Yvette 2011-12 AAS-NEH Florida International University assistant professor We Have No Ruins: Historical Fiction and American Artifacts in the Early United States, 1790-1850
Porwancher Andrew 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Oklahoma Professor of constitutional studies & Judaic studies The Great Jewish Lunacy Trial
Pratt Lloyd 2009-10 AAS-NEH Michigan State University assistant professor The Freedoms of a Stranger: American and African American Literature, 1830-1860
Purvis Thomas 1987-88 AAS-NEH Auburn University, Montgomery assistant professor A Decade of Conflict:Anglo-American Mobilization in the Era of the Seven Years' War, 1754-1764
Reiss Benjamin 2001-02 AAS-NEH Tulane assistant professor Antebellum Literary Culture and the Rise of the Asylum
Reynolds David 1982-83 AAS-NEH Northwestern University assistant professor Beneath the American Renaissance
Rezek Joseph 2019-20 AAS-NEH Boston University associate professor of English The Racialization of Print
Richards Eliza 2002-3 AAS-NEH Boston University assistant professor Hearing Voices: Lyric Representation in Nineteenth-Century America
Roberts Brian 1998-99 AAS-NEH California State University, Sacramento assistant professor Psalms, Reels and Glees: Popular Music and American Identity from the Colonial Era through the Civil War
Roberts Wendy 2015-16 AAS-NEH SUNY-Albany assistant professor Redeeming Verse: The Poetics of Revivalism
Rockman Seth 2006-7 AAS-NEH Brown University assistant professor Self-Made and Slave-Made: Capitalism, Slavery, and the Rise of the Early American Economy
Roeber A. G. 1978-79 AAS-NEH Princeton University instructor Law, Ideology and Religion among German Americans in Revolutionary America, 1729-1814
Rojas Martha 2004-5 AAS-NEH Sweet Briar College Diplomatic Letters
Rosen Rebecca 2022-23 AAS-NEH Murray State University assistant professor of English Postmortem Life: Anatomy, Autopsy, and Testimony in Early America and the Atlantic World
Rothman Joshua 2005-6 AAS-NEH University of Alabama assistant professor Slavery and Speculation in the Flush Times: The Heart of Jacksonian America
Salisbury Neal 1995-96 AAS-NEH Smith College professor From Frontier to Society: Natives, Settlers and the Transformation of Southern New Engand
Schrader Arthur 1979-80 AAS-NEH performer and singing history scholar The Isaiah Thomas Ballad Collection
Schroeder Jonathan 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Warwick assistant professor of English and comparative literary studies The Lives of John Jacobs
Schuetze Sarah 2017-18 AAS-NEH University of Wisconsin-Green Bay assistant professor of English Calamity Howl: Fear of Illness in Early American Writing
Schweiger Beth 2008-9 AAS-NEH University of Arkansas associate professor Reading before Literacy: The Uses of English Grammar in the Early Nineteenth Century
Scott Donald 1981-82 AAS-NEH North Carolina State University associate professor Public Lectures and the Formation of American Culture, 1830-1870
Seeley Samantha 2022-23 AAS-NEH University of Richmond associate professor of history Bound by Treaty: Emancipation and Diplomacy in the Age of Revolutions
Seelye John 1985-86 AAS-NEH University of Florida graduate research professor The River in the Early American Republic
Senchyne Jonathan 2013-14 AAS-NEH University of Wisconsin-Madison assistant professor Our Paper Allegories: A Sense for the Material Text in Antebellum American Literature
Shalhope Robert 1995-96 AAS-NEH Oklahoma State University George Lynn Cross professor A Yeoman's Life: Hiram Harwood, 1806-1837
Sheehan Tanya 2009-10 AAS-NEH Rutgers University assistant professor Blacks and Whites: Race and Early Photographic Humor
Shell Marc 1981-82 AAS-NEH SUNY Buffalo associate professor Money and Symbolism in America: Case Studies
Shoemaker Nancy 2006-7 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor The Whaling History of New England Indians
Sievens Mary Beth 2009-10 AAS-NEH SUNY-Fredonia associate professor The Fruit of My Industry: Household Economy, the Market, and Consumer Society in New England, 1790-1865
Sinha Manisha 2004-5 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts associate professor Redefining Democracy: African Americans and the Movement to Abolish Slavery, 1775-1865
Slauter Will 2014-15 AAS-NEH University of Paris 8 (Saint Denis) lecturer in English and American studies Who Owns the News? Journalism and Intellectual Property in Historical Perspective
Smith Billy 1991-92 AAS-NEH Montana State University professor Fugitives from Slavery in the Eighteenth Century Mid Atlantic Region
Smith-Rosenberg Carroll 1976-77 AAS-NEH University of Pennsylvania associate professor Prescribed and Actual Gender Roles in the American Family, 1760-1895
Sovine Melanie 1983-84 AAS-NEH MacNeil Hospital clinical anthropologist The Primitive Baptists and the Anti-Mason Party
Stewart Whitney 2019-20 AAS-NEH University of Texas at Dallas assistant professor of historical studies The Home that Slavery Made: How Plantation Slavery Racialized the American Home
Suazo Matthew 2018-19 AAS-NEH Kenyon College visiting assistant professor in English Wetland Americas: Literature, Race, and the Mississippi River Valley in Translation, 1542-1884
Taylor Alan 1989-90 AAS-NEH Boston University assistant professor William Cooper's Town
Teute Fredrika 1997-98 AAS-NEH Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture editor of publications Life on the Margins: Margaret Bayard Smith's Vision of Early Washington Society
Thornton Tamara 2020-21 AAS-NEH State University of New York, Buffalo professor of history Globes and the Global Imagination in America
Valeri Mark 1989-90 AAS-NEH Lewis and Clark College assistant professor The Eighteenth-Century Clergy and Economics in New England
Van Broekhoven Deborah 1986-87 AAS-NEH Brown University associate professor Rhode Island Women in the Antislavery Network
Vaughan Alden 1982-83 AAS-NEH Columbia University professor Indians and Europeans in British North America
Volk Kyle 2010-11 AAS-NEH University of Montana assistant professor Tyrannies of Moral Majorities: The Minority Rights Revolution in Antebellum America
Walker Rachel 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Hartford assistant professor of history Beauty and the Brain: The Science of the Mind in Early America
Walkiewicz Kathryn 2021-22 AAS-NEH University of California - San Diego assistant professor of literature Un-Tied States: Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Indigeneity and Territory
Waller Altina 2001-2 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor Margaret Eaton, Sexuality and Empowerment in Jacksonian America
Walsh Megan 2019-20 AAS-NEH St. Bonaventure University professor of English Bad Archives: Extra-Illustration and the History of Information Management in the U.S.
Warner Michael 1986-87 AAS-NEH Northwestern University assistant professor The Letters of the Republic
Weierman Karen 2000-1 AAS-NEH Worcester State College assistant professor One Nation, One Blood: Interracial Marriage in American Fiction, Scandal, and Law, 1820-1870
Weimer Adrian 2017-18 AAS-NEH Providence College associate professor of history Godly Petitions: Puritanism and the Crisis of the Restoration in America
Wilson Lisa 2010-11 AAS-NEH Connecticut College professor Cinderella's Family
Winship Michael 1993-94 AAS-NEH University of Texas, Austin associate professor The American Book in the Industrial Era
Winship Michael 2009-10 AAS-NEH University of Texas professor Reaching the Market: Book Distribution in the United States, 1825-1950
Withington Ann 1991-92 AAS-NEH Michigan State University assistant professor Elite and Popular Culture in the Confederation and Early National Period
Wright Nazera 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Kentucky associate professor of English Early African American Women Writers and their Libraries
Yablon Nick 2002-3 AAS-NEH University of Chicago Ph.D. candidate American Antiquities: The Aesthetics and Politics of the Ruin in Nineteenth-Century America
Zboray Ronald 1992-93 AAS-NEH Texas at Arlington associate professor of history Literary Enterprise in Antebellum America: Publishers, Novelists, and the Reading Public

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