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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Botein Fellows

Stephen Botein Fellowships are for research in the history of the book in American culture. Funding is derived from an endowment established by the family and friends of the late Mr. Botein.

Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Adelman Joseph 2007-8 Botein Johns Hopkins University PhD candidate The Business of Politics: Printers and the Emergence of Political Communications Networks, 1765-1789
Badley Dana 2018-19 Botein University of California, Santa Barbara Ph.D. candidate in English Aesthetic Sociality and Nineteenth-Century America
Baker Anne 1999-00 Botein Reed College visiting assistant professor Geography Schoolbooks and Nation Formation in the Antebellum United States
Barrett Faith 2006-7 Botein Lawrence University assistant professor 'To fight aloud is very brave': American Poetry and the Civil War
Barrett Faith 2013-14 Botein Lawrence University associate professor Poems and Parodies: Voice-Effects and the Profession of Poetry in Nineteenth-Century America
Bell Richard 2003-4 Botein Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Newspapers and the Cultural Significance of Suicide in America, 1760-1830
Blankenship Avery 2023-24 Botein Northeastern University PhD candidate in English Kitchen Ventriloquisms
Bledstein Burton 1997-98 Botein University of Illinois, Chicago associate professor By the Book: Reference and Information as Authority in 19th-Century America
Brylowe Thora 2017-18 Botein University of Colorado, Boulder assistant professor Impressions and Folds: The Ecology of Romantic-Era Paper
Carlson Hannah 2006-7 Botein Boston University Ph.D. candidate In the Company of Books: Reading the Pocket Companion
Carter Michael 2005-6 Botein University of Southern California Ph.D. candidate Mathew Carey and the Public Emergence of Roman Catholicism in the United States, 1789-1839
Casey Jim 2015-16 Botein University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate Editing a Revolution in Newspaper Printing, 1847-1849
Casmier-Paz Lynn 2009-10 Botein University of Central Florida associate professor Slave Literacy, Children's Textbooks, and Antebellum Education
Chiles Katy 2014-15 Botein University of Tennessee assistant professor of English Raced Collaboration: The Idea of Authorship and Early African American and Native American Literature
Cohen Daniel 1992-93 Botein Florida International University assistant professor Beyond Domesticity: Literary Images of Working-Class Women, 1790-1860
Cohen Lara 2008-9 Botein Wayne State University assistant professor Notes from Underground: Nineteenth-Century American Print Subcultures
Cohen Lara 2011-12 Botein Wayne State University assistant professor Counterfeit Presentments: Fraud and the Production of Nineteenth-Century American Literature
DiCuirci Lindsay 2013-14 Botein University of Maryland assistant professor History's Imprint: The Colonial Book and the Writing of American History, 1790-1855
Emerson D. Berton 2016-17 Botein Pomona College visiting assistant professor of English Local Rules: Vernacular Aesthetics and Alternative Democracies in Antebellum Print Culture
Evelev John 1996-97 Botein Duke University PhD Tolerable Entertainment: Herman Melville, the Literary Profession, and the Cultural Life of Antebellum New York
Fabian Ann 1994-95 Botein Yale University associate professor Selling Experience: Amateur Authors and Pamphlet Publication inthe Nineteenth-Century US
Fahs Alice 1995-96 Botein UC Irvine assistant professor Publishing the Civil War: Northern Publishers and the Literary Marketplace of War
Fidler Ann 1998-99 Botein Ohio State University assistant professor A Cultural History of the American Law Book, 1700-00
Fraser Gordon Dennis 2023-24 Botein University of Manchester lecturer in English, American studies, and creative writing Engineering Peace
Green James 1989-90 Botein Library Company of Philadelphia associate librarian The Transformation of the American Book Trade, 1785-1825
Harthorn Steven 2002-3 Botein University of Tennessee, Knoxville Ph.D. candidate James Fenimore Cooper and the American Literary Market, 1838-1851
Highland Kristen 2012-13 Botein New York University Ph.D. candidate At the Bookstore: Literary and Cultural Experience in Antebellum New York City
Huntley Jen 1998-99 Botein University of Nevada, Reno Ph.D. candidate The Genius of Civilization: The Publishing Industry and the Creation of Western Regional Identity,1848-00
Hutchison Coleman 2005-6 Botein Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate Occasioning Verse and Volume
Johnson Ann 2002-3 Botein Fordham University assistant professor Engineering Handbooks as Carriers of Knowledge into the Field
Klimasmith Betsy 2008-9 Botein University of Massachusetts, Boston associate professor Cities and Seductions: Sex and Early American Urban Fiction
Mahoney Nicole 2019-20 Botein University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America, 1770-1825
Mattes Mark 2009-10 Botein University of Iowa Ph.D. candidate Letter Interception and Publication during the Era of Good Feelings
McLaren Scott 2012-13 Botein York University associate professor Nurseries of Faith: The New York Methodist Book Concern and the Growth of Methodist Sunday Schools in Upper Canada, 1815-1850
Mullaney Clare 2017-18 Botein University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate American Imprints: Disability and the Material Text, 1858-1932
Nord David 1996-97 Botein University of Indiana, Bloomington professor The Religious Roots of Mass Media in America, 1800-1860
Oliva Justine 2016-17 Botein University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate Anne C. L. Botta and the Business of Friendship
Parrish Susan 2003-4 Botein University of Michigan assistant professor Colonial and Early National American Almanac
Peterson Mark 1999-00 Botein University of Iowa assistant professor The Mather Family and the Construction of an Atlantic Protestant International
Rawson David 1993-94 Botein College of William and Mary Ph.D. candidate The Print Distribution and Consumer Nexus in Piedmont Virginia, 1760-1810
Rezek Joseph 2015-16 Botein Boston University assistant professor Transatlantic Currents, 1820-1860, for The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture
Rice Grantland 1993-94 Botein Brandeis Univesity Ph.D. candidate The Transformation of Authorship in Early America
Rosenthal Caitlin 2010-11 Botein Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Accounting for Control: Book-keeping in early Nineteenth-Century America
Salter Sarah 2022-23 Botein Texas A&M University assistant professor of English Sex in Pages: A Theoretical History of Periodical Sexualities
Secord James 2004-5 Botein University of Cambridge professor "Nature as News: Reporting Science in the Antebellum American Illustrated Press"
Sharren Kandice 2020-21 Botein Simon Fraser University instructor of English Politics, Paratexts, and Transatlantic Fiction, 1790-1840
Socarides Alexandra 2004-5 Botein Rutgers University PhD candidate Lyric Contexts: Emily Dickinson and the 19th Century Extended Poetic Project
Stevenson Louise 2000-01 Botein Franklin and Marshall College professor Women's intellectual Life, 1750-1820
Stewart Anna 2011-12 Botein University of Texas at Austin PhD candidate Slave Narratives and Freedmen's Education
Stewart J. Brenton 2011-12 Botein University of Wisconsin-Madison Ph.D. candidate Informing the City: On the Print Culture of Antebellum Augusta, Georgia
Stillson Richard 2000-01 Botein Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate Communication and Information Dispersal in the California Gold Rush
Stinson Kristofer 2022-23 Botein George Mason University PhD candidate in history Shadows and Solid Things: Religion and Archaeology in the Atlantic World
Teute Fredrika 1994-95 Botein Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture editor of publications Writing a Woman's Life in the Early Republic
Thomas Amy 1990-91 Botein Duke University PhD candidate Reading in the Antebellum South
Tomlin T.J. 2010-11 Botein University of Northern Colorado assistant professor A Faith for All Persuasions: Almanacs and American Religious Life, 1730-1820
Tripp Bernell 1991-92 Botein University of Alabama PhD candidate The Nineteenth-Century Black Press
Van Zandt Cynthia 2001-2 Botein University of New Hampshire assistant professor Brothers among Nations: Kinship and Alliance in Early America
Walkup Kathleen 2014-15 Botein Mills College Professor of Book Arts Printing at the Margins
Weyler Karen 1995-96 Botein UNC, Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate Issues of Privacy and Publicity in the Early American Novel
Williams Susan 1997-98 Botein Ohio State University associate professor Writing Home: Female Authorship and Print Culture in America, 1820-00
Yankaskas Lynda 2007-8 Botein Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate Borrowing Culture: Social Libraries and the Shaping of American Civic Life, 1731-1851
Zapedowska Magdalena 2018-19 Botein University of Massachusetts, Amherst Ph.D. candidate in English Black Dissent and Black Freedom: Revolution, Emigration, Reform, 1850-1870
Zehnder Madeline 2019-20 Botein University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate in English Pocket-Sized Nation: Cultures of Portability in America, 1790-1840

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