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Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere

This full color, illustrated catalog features five essays exploring different aspects of Revere's work and career. Robert Martello in "Paul Revere: Patriot Manufacturer" describes how Revere grew his business. Jennifer L. Anderson's "Paul Revere and Sourcing Silver in Early America," explores the scarcity of precious metals in colonial America. Nancy Siegel explores Revere's engraved works on paper in her essay, "The Work of Art and the Art of Work: Prints and Ephemera by Paul Revere." Nan Wolverton explores how Revere used images of American Indians in her essay "'Borrowed . . . for the Use and Service of the Colony': Paul Revere's Native American Imagery." Lauren Hewes relates how the reprinting of Revere's Bloody Massacre in the 1830s began the re-emergence of Revere as a prototypical early American patriot in her essay "Rediscovering Revere: William Stratton's Facsimile of the Bloody Massacre." The catalog is edited by Hewes and Wolverton and designed by AAS graphic designer, Jaclyn Donovan Penny.

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Radiant with Color and Art

Published to accompany an exhibition at the Grolier Club, December 6, 2017, to February 3, 2018 using collection material from the American Antiquarian Society.

The McLoughlin brothers, John Jr. (1827-1905) and Edmund (1833/4-1889), were New York publishers who operated from 1858 to 1920. They produced books and games for children for over fifty years. As one of the first publishers to focus exclusively on products for children, McLoughlin Brothers was able to shape and define the American picture book market.

The exhibition catalog documents the working practice of the firm by associating its products with the tools used during the production process. The objects tell a story rooted in the discipline of book history, but also hint at nuances of nineteenth-century business practices, the advancement of literacy for children, and revelations about cultural norms of the era during which McLoughlin Brothers thrived. Preface, followed by three essays with 27 illustrations: "McLoughlin Brothers' Conquest of the American Picture Book Market, 1858-1920" by Laura E. Wasowicz; "McLoughlin Brothers Archives-A Brief Account" by Justin G. Schiller; and "Cinderella Close-up: An Illustration Case Study" by Laura E. Wasowicz. Edited by Lauren B. Hewes and Kayla Haveles Hopper.

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coverIn Pursuit of a Vision:
Two Centuries of Collecting at the American Antiquarian Society

This generously illustrated catalogue accompanies a fall 2012 exhibition at the Grolier Club in New York celebrating the American Antiquarian Society's bicentennial year. The collections of the Society, founded in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1812, have grown from Isaiah Thomas's initial gift to over four million items. In Pursuit of a Vision: Two Centuries of Collecting at the American Antiquarian Society chronicles the ways in which important books, pamphlets, newspapers, graphic art, manuscripts, and other materials have come to AAS. The exhibition and catalogue focus on the librarians, collectors, book dealers, and donors who helped build the Society's extraordinary holdings.

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ISBN: 9781929545681

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