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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Fabian Ann 1994-95 Botein Yale University associate professor Selling Experience: Amateur Authors and Pamphlet Publication inthe Nineteenth-Century US
Fabre Michel 1991-92 Peterson University of Paris III professor The Creoles of Color: Cultural Production as a Basis of Group Identity
Fabre-Moreau GeneviŠve 1991-92 Peterson University of Paris VII professor Afro-American Feasts and Celebrations in the United States
Fabrega Meganne 2014 Jay and Deborah Last Portsmouth, NH writer Tell Me a Story: Amy Ella Blanchard and Ida Waugh's World of Girls
Fagal Andrew 2013-14 Peterson Binghamton University PhD candidate The Political Economy of War in the Early American Republic
Fagan Benjamin 2008-9 Tracy University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate 'Righteousness Exalteth a Nation': Practices of Black Nationalism, 1827-1860.
Fahs Alice 1995-96 Botein UC Irvine assistant professor Publishing the Civil War: Northern Publishers and the Literary Marketplace of War
Fahs Alice 1991-92 Hiatt New York University PhD candidate Publishing the Civil War: Northern Publishers and the Literary Marketplace of War
Fanning Charles 1981-82 Daniels Bridgewater State University associate professor The Irish Voice in America: Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Fanning Sara 2004-5 Tracy University of Texas at Austin Ph.D. candidate "The Promised Land: African Americans and Haiti from the Haitian Revolution to 1830"
Farber Hannah 2011-12 Peterson University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate The Insurance Industry in the Early Republic
Farrell Molly 2022-23 Peterson Ohio State University associate professor of English New World Calculation: The Making of Numbers in Colonial America
Farrell Molly 2012-13 ASECS Ohio State University assistant professor Counting Bodies: Imagining Population in English America
Farrell Jessica 2016-17 Peterson University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate (Re)Capturing Empire: A Reconsideration of Liberia’s Precarious Sovereignty and American Empire as Exception in the Nineteenth Century
Faulkner Carol 2014-15 Peterson Syracuse University Associate Professor of History The End of Marriage: Adultery in Nineteenth-Century America
Favretti Rudy 1978-79 Daniels University of Connecticut professor Landscaping Use of Trees in New England
Fess Paul 2016-17 Last City University of New York Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate Resonant Texts: The Politics and Practices of Nineteenth-Century African American Music and Print Culture
Fetherston John Patrick M. 2022-23 Last University of Maryland, College Park PhD candidate in history Taverns, African Americans, and the American Public in the Age of Revolutions
Fidler Ann 1998-99 Botein Ohio State University assistant professor A Cultural History of the American Law Book, 1700-00
Field Corinne 2019-20 Drawn-to-Art University of Virginia associate professor of women, gender, and sexuality Grand Old Women and Modern Girls: Age, Race, and Power in the U.S. Women’s Rights Movement, 1870-1920
Fielder Brigitte 2011-12 Last Cornell University Ph.D. candidate Animal Humanism: Abolitionists and Animals in the American Nineteenth Century
Finley Alexandra 2022-23 Peterson University of Pittsburgh assistant professor of history Forced to Work for Her Own Support: Financial Panic in the Household Economy
Finley James 2012-13 Packer University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate 'Violence done to nature': Free Soil and the Environment in Antebellum Antislavery Writing
First Sara Babcox 2005-06 Legacy University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate The Mechanics of Renown: Culture and Celebrity in Nineteenth-Century America
Fischer Kirsten 2016-17 Peterson University of Minnesota associate professor of history Vitalism in America: Elihu Palmer’s Radical Religion in the Early Republic
Fisher Linford 2014-15 AAS-NEH Brown University assistant professor of history The Land of the Unfree: Africans, Indians, and the Varieties of Slavery and Servitude in Colonial New England and the Atlantic World
Fisher Linford 2007-8 Peterson Harvard University Ph.D. candidate "The Politics of Conversion: Indian Agency, Religious Change, and Race in Southern New England, 1736-1775"
Fisher Lydia 2005-6 NEMLA University of Pennsylvania lecturer Domesticating the Nation: American Literature, Exceptionalism, and the Science of Cultivation
Fliegelman Jay 1998-99 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Stanford University professor Storied Associations: Books from Important American Libraries, 1650-1860, and the Tales they Tell
Florio Christopher 2014-15 Peterson Princeton University Ph.D. candidate in history The Poor Always with You: Poverty in an Age of Emancipation, 1833-1877
Flueckiger Carol 2009 Jay and Deborah Last Lubbock, TX mixed media artist Mixed media works about feminism and early American reform practices
Fondersmith John 1978-79 Daniels Municipal Planning Office, Washington DC chief History of American Travel Guidebooks
Foos Paul 1996-97 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate Mexican Wars, 1835-1853: Manifest Destiny and American Society
Forbes Erin 2008-9 Peterson Princeton University Ph.D. candidate "Popular Crime Writing and the Publications of David Walker and Edgar Allan Poe."
Ford Bridget 1998-99 Legacy UC Davis Ph.D. candidate People of Sorrow, Children of Grace: Race and Religion in the Antebellum West
Ford Margaret 1984-85 Haven Argosy Bookstore, New York City director Ann Franklin, Colonial Newport Printer
Ford Bridget 2002-3 Hench University of California, Davis PhD Crossing Over: Religion, Race, and Nation in Civil War America
Foreman P. Gabrielle 2022 Mellon Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence Penn State Paterno Family Professor of American Literature and Professor of African American Studies & History Founding Families of the Convention Movement: The Long History of Black Organizing for Civil Rights
Formisano Ronald 1976-77 AAS-NEH Clark University associate professor Massachusetts Political Culture, 1790-1840
Formisano Ronald 1991-92 RA University of Florida professor American Populisms
Forrant Robert F. 2001-02 Peterson University of Massachusetts, Lowell Associate Professor Manufacturer to Industrial America: Worcester-area Machine Tool Firms and Skill, 1830-1875
Fosbury Timothy 2020-21 Peterson University of California-Los Angeles Ph.D. candidate in english Persistent Futures of Bermudas Past
Foster` Travis 2022-23 Peterson Villanova Universit associate professor of English & gender and women's studies Womanish: Variant Femininities Before Gay and Trans
Fouratt Mary Eileen 2022 Baron Richmond, VA creative writer Research for nonfiction picture book for school-aged children about the life and work of Ruth Henshaw Bascom, 19th-century folk artist
Fox Richard Wightman 2000-1 Mellon Postdoctoral University of Southern California professor American Jesus
Fox Richard Wightman 2005-6 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of Southern California professor Lincoln's Body, Lincoln's Blood: The Death and Life of the Savior President
Fox-Amato Matthew 2011-12 Last University of Southern California Ph.D. candidate Exposing Humanity: Photographic Dimensions of American Slavery, Antislavery, and Emancipation, 1840s to 1870s
Frang Joanna 2007-8 Last Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate Becoming American on the Grand Tour, 1750-1830
Frank Caroline 2013-14 Last Brown University visiting scholar Son of Morning: A Chinese Merchant Visits Early Republican America
Franklin Wayne 1994-95 AAS-NEH Northeastern University Davis distinguished professor Biography of James Fenimore Cooper
Franzino Jean 2022-23 Peterson Boston College visiting assistant professor in English Dis-Union: Disability, Narrative, and the American Civil War
Franzino Jean 2016-17 Last Macalester College visiting assistant professor of English Freak Show Aesthetics
Fraser Gordon Dennis 2023-24 Botein University of Manchester lecturer in English, American studies, and creative writing Engineering Peace
Fraser Gordon 2018-19 Reese North Dakota State University assistant professor of English The Hawaiian Creation Chant and the Firm of Lee & Shepard
Fraser Gordon 2013-14 Last University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate Transamerican Revolutions: Liberal Nationalism and the Nineteenth-Century Politics of Violence
Freeberg Ernest 1995-96 ASECS Colby-Sawyer College assistant professor The Meaning of Blindness in Early America
Freehling William 1989-90 AAS-NEH Johns Hopkins University professor The Road to Disunion, Vol 2: Secessionists Triumphant, 1854-61
Freese Lauren 2018-19 Last University of South Dakota assistant professor of fine arts A Taste for Images: Depictions of Food and Eating in the American Popular Press
French Kara 2011-12 Peterson University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ph.D. candidate The Politics of Sexual Restraint: Debates over Chastity in America, 1780-1850
Friedel Robert 1989-90 Peterson University of Maryland associate professor Documenting Changes in Household Materials, 1800-87
Friedman Jean 1985-86 Peterson University of Georgia associate professor Families at War: Northern and Southern Communities in the Civil War
Friend Craig 2019-20 AAS-NEH North Carolina State University professor of history Lullaby of Freedom: Lunsford Lane’s America
Frost Linda 1993-94 RA Pennsylvania State University, Wilkes-Barre assistant professor The Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott and the Popular Press
Fuhrer Mary 2013-14 Last independent scholar Tuberculosis and Popular Culture in New England: 1800-1840
Fuhrer Mary 2014-15 Last independent scholar Tuberculosis and Popular Culture in New England, 1820-1840
Fulton Allison 2022-23 Last University of California Davis PhD candidate in English Disciplining Craft: The Gendered Making of Nineteenth-Century American Science
Furlanetto Elena 2020-21 Ebeling University of Duisburg-Essen postdoctoral fellow Converts, Creoles, Renegades: Dynamics of (Dis)ambiguation in Early North American Literature

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