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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Gabriel Dexter 2017-18 Peterson University of Connecticut assistant professor Performing Freedom in the Mighty Experiment
Gac Scott E. 2001-02 Peterson University of New York Ph.D. candidate The Hutchinson Family Singers and the Culture of Antebellum Reform
Gale Mark 1997 K-12 Coupeville High School, Coupeville, WA teacher The Rise of the Anti-Slavery Movement in New England and the Role of Free African-Americans
Gallagher Mark 2018-19 Packer University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. candidate in English 'In the Optative Mood’: Unitarian Optimism and the Transcendental Affects of Peabody, Parker, Emerson, Fuller, and Thoreau
Gammon Catherine 1996 Wallace Pittsburgh, PA writer Nightbirds in an Age of Light: A novel about the Salem witchcraft trials
Ganser Alexandra 2009-10 Ebeling Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg assistant professor (Post)Colonial Economies and Spectacles of Consumption in Transatlantic Narratives of Piracy from the Late 17th Century to 1900
Ganter Granville 2001-02 Peterson St. John's assistant professor Pregnant Words: The Matrix of Public Speech in the Northeast, 1840-1860
Garcia John 2015-2016 Ford McNeil Center for Early American Studies, University of Pennsylvania The Age of Biography: Popular History, Printed Lives, and American Mass Culture, 1800-1865
Garcia John 2019-20 AAS-NEH Florida State University assistant professor of English Without Order: Booksellers and the Failures of the Early American Book Trade, 1679-1840
Gardner Jared 2000-1 ASECS Ohio State University assistant professor The Literary Museum: Periodicals and the Unsettling of American Literature
Garrett Matthew 2011-12 NEMLA Wesleyan University assistant professor Episodic Poetics in the Early American Republic
Garrison J. 2014-15 Last University of Delaware professor in the Winterthur Program in American material culture Freight and the Commercial Landscapes of the Atlantic World, 1650-1860
Garvey Ellen 2008-9 Peterson New Jersey City University associate professor Book, Paper, Scissors: Scrapbooks Remake American Print Culture.
Garvin Kristina 2017-18 Reese Saint Joseph's University visiting assistant professor Past and Future States: Institutional Time and the Early American Serial, 1780-1820
Gasser Erika 2003-4 Peterson University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate The Afflicted Grew Presently Well: Witchcraft and Possession in Old and New England, 1600-1700
Gautier Amina 2013 Hearst Chicago, IL fiction writer Band of Gideon: A historical novel about 3 black female members of Gideon's Band, a group of Northern idealist, seminary students, school teachers, and abolitionists who traveled south to help the slaves on the South Carolina Sea Island
Gellman David 2004-5 Peterson DePauw University assistant professor "Liberty's Legacy: The Jay Family and the Problems of American Freedom"
George Angela 2007-8 Last University of Maryland PhD candidate "The Old World: Unearthing Mesoamerican Antiquity in the Art and Culture of the United States, 1839-1893"
Gerk Sarah 2013-14 Last Oberlin College visiting teacher Irishness in Nineteenth-Century American Music
Gernes Todd 1990-91 Hiatt Brown University Ph.D. candidate Schoolgirls: Young Women's Literary Culture, Political Expression, and the Aesthetics of Affiliation in Nineteenth-Century America
Gherini Claire 2011-12 Peterson Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate 'That Great Experiment': Plantation America and the Remaking of Medicine in the Anglophone Atlantic, 1730-1800
Gibson Alan 1989-90 Hiatt University of Notre Dame PhD candidate The Development of the Concept of Public Opinion in the American Enlightenment, 1760-1800
Gilbert Ellen 2003-4 Peterson Rutgers University independent scholar St. Wulstan Society Papers
Gildrie Richard 1983-84 Peterson Austin Peay State professor New England Clerics and Popular Civility, 1679-1740
Gillaspie Caroline 2018-19 Last CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate in art history Fueling America: Visual Representations of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Coffee Consumption
Gillespie Sarah 2006-7 Drawn to Art City University of New York Ph.D. candidate 'One Thing New Under the Sun': The Cross-Currents of Science and Art in the American Daguerreotype, 1839-1850
Gillis Brendan 2016-17 Hench Miami University of Ohio visiting assistant professor Conduits of Justice: Magistrates and the British Imperial State, 1732-1834
Gilmore-Lehne William 1983-84 RA Richard Stockton College of New Jersey associate professor Reading and the Circulation of Print in Rural New England, 1787-1839
Gilmore-Lehne William 1990-91 AAS-NEH Richard Stockton College of New Jersey associate professor The State of Knowledge on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution
Gilmore-Lehne William 1998-99 RA Richard Stockton College of New Jersey associate professor A Republic of Knowledge: Communications and the Rise of an Age of Reading in America, 1639-1861
Gilpin W. Clark 1982-83 Haven Phillips Theological Seminary associate professor Eighteenth-Century Protestant Concepts of the Church
Ginsberg Lesley 1997-98 AAS-NEH Stanford University recent Ph.D. The Romance of Dependency: Childhood and the Ideology of Love in American Literature, 1825-1870
Ginsberg Elaine 1976-77 Daniels West Virginia University associate professor Nineteenth-Century Novels of Female Adolescence
Gitelman Lisa 2007-8 Last Catholic University associate professor Early Photographs of Words Backwards
Gladman Lisa 2007-08 Last Catholic University associate professor Early Photographs of Words Backwards
Glancy Diane 2020 Baron Shawnee Mission, KS poet Quadrille: A poetry manuscript that explores the effect of Christianity on the Native American
Glassmeyer Danielle 2023-24 Alstott Morgan Bradley University associate professor of English Other People's Children
Gochberg Reed 2016-17 Packer Boston University Ph.D. candidate Novel Objects: Museums and Scientific Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Goldsby Jacqueline 2000-1 Peterson Cornell University assistant professor A Spectacular Secret: The cultural Logic of Lynching in American Literature and Life
Gonzalez Aston 2011-12 Last University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ph.D. candidate Kneeling and Fighting: African American Artists' Depiction of Black Humanity
Goode Abby 2017-18 Peterson Plymouth State University assistant professor Democratic Demographics: a Literary Genealogy of American Sustainability
Goodman Glenda 2010-11 Peterson Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Songs Crossing the Atlantic: The Making of Musical Hybrids
Gordon Adam 2011-12 Hench UCLA PhD in English Cultures of Criticism in Antebellum America
Gould Philip 1999-00 NEMLA Brown University assistant professor A Barbaric Trade: Commerce, Antislavery, and Cultures of Manners in Anglo-America, 1770-1830
Gould Sarah 2008-9 Last University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate Seeing American: The Visual Representation of Race in Early American Children's Literature and Games
Gowan Emily 2022-23 Hench Boston University PhD candidate in English On the Margins: Steady-Sellers and the Problem of Inequality in Nineteenth-Century America
Gowen Emily 2019-20 Reese Boston University Ph.D. candidate in English and American literature Defoe’s American Readers
Graff Harvey 1988-89 AAS-NEH University of Texas, San Antonio professor Conflicting Paths: The Transformations of Growing Up, 1750-20
Graham Maryemma 1990-91 NEMLA Northeastern University associate professor Afro-American Authorship, 1746-06
Graham Susan 2005-6 Peterson University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate Female Dorrites and Antebellum Partisanship
Grainger Brett 2012-13 Last Harvard University Ph.D. candidate The Vital Landscape: Evangelicals and Nature in America, 1740-1870
Grandjean Katherine 2017-18 AAS-NEH Wellesley College assistant professor of history The Harpe Murders and the Legacies of the American Revolution
Grant Katherine 1994-95 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate The Lyceum Movement in America, 1826-1890
Grasso Christopher 1999-00 Peterson College of William and Mary associate professor Skepticism and American Faith: The Early Nineteenth Century
Gray Myron 2012-13 Peterson University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate French Music in Federal Philadelphia
Green Nathaniel 2019-20 Last Northern Virginia Community College associate professor of history The Man of the People: Political Dissent and the Making of the American Presidency
Green Harvey 1997-98 Peterson Northeastern University professor Myth and History in American Literary and Material Culture, 1850-10
Green James 1989-90 Botein Library Company of Philadelphia associate librarian The Transformation of the American Book Trade, 1785-1825
Green James 1986-87 Boni Library Company of Philadelphia associate librarian The Book Distribution Network of Mathew Carey, 1785-1820
Greenfield Bruce 1989-90 NEMLA Dalhousie University assistant professor Plotting the Mississippi: A Comparative Study of Eighteenth-Century Discovery Rhetoric
Greenhill Jennifer Ann 2005-6 AHPCS Yale University Ph.D. Candidate The Plague of Jocularity: Art, Humor, and the American Social Body, 1863-1906
Greenhouse Wendy 1987-88 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate Tudors and Stuarts in Antebellum America
Greenspan Ezra 2009-10 Mellon Distinguished Scholar Southern Methodist University professor William Wells Brown: An African-American Life in Letters
Greenspan Ezra 2016-17 AAS-NEH Southern Methodist University Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Chair in Humanities and Professor of English The Lives and Times of Frederick Douglass and His Family: A Composite Biography
Grider Phillip 2023-24 Ebeling Georg-August-Universität Göttingen research associate Nonhuman Agency in Early North American Media
Griffin Sean 2019-20 Peterson Lehman College Ph.D. candidate in history Labor, Land, and Freedom: Antebellum Labor Reform and the Rise of Antislavery Politics
Griffith Sally 1992-93 Peterson Villanova University associate professor Boosterism in Nineteenth-Century American Newspapers
Grom Brenton 2013-14 Peterson Case Western Reserve University Ph.D. candidate The Death and Transfiguration of American Psalmody ca. 1805-1840
Groom Kelle 2011 Hearst New Smyrna Beach, FL poet Memoir about Thomas Greenough, the last surviving Wampanoag Indian on the Bass River reservation in South Yarmouth, MA
Gross Jonathan 2007-8 Peterson DePaul University professor Thomas Jefferson's Scrapbooks: Prose Clippings
Gross Robert 2002-3 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence College of William and Mary professor The Transcendentalists and Their World
Gross Robert 1984-85 Peterson Amherst College associate professor The Ideology of Print: The Book and Social Change in America
Groves Jeffrey 2011-12 Last Harvey Mudd College professor A Practical Study of the Isaiah Thomas Press at the American Antiquarian Society
Groves Jeffrey 1995-96 Peterson Harvey Mudd College associate professor Ticknor and Fields: Literary Promotion and American Canon Formation, 1840-1865
Grubbs Lindsey 2019-20 Peterson Emory University Ph.D. candidate in English Moral Disorders: The Diagnostic Logic of Nineteenth-Century Literature and Medicine
Grummitt Julia 2018-19 Last Princeton University Ph.D. candidate in history The Great National Work: Visualizing Territory and Race in Nineteenth-Century North America
Grunes Marissa 2019-20 Last Harvard University Ph.D. candidate in English This Corner in the Wild: Architectural Metaphor in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Gruntner Holly 2020-21 Peterson William & Mary Ph.D. candidate in history 'some people of skil and curiosity': Knowledge and Labor in Early American Gardens, 1650-1820
Guerra Douglas 2014-15 Last SUNY, Oswego assistant professor of English and creative writing On the Move: Gaming Models for Literary Theory
Guillen Nalleli 2016-17 Tracy University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate 'Round the World Every Evening': Panoramic Spectacles, Entertainment Culture, and a Growing Imperial Consciousness in Nineteenth-Century America
Gunn Robert 2008-9 Peterson The University of Texas at El Paso assistant professor Ethnology and Empire: John Russell Bartlett and the U.S./Mexico Borderlands
Gura Philip 1998-99 Peterson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill William S. Newman Distinguished Professor America's Instrument: The 19th Century Banjo
Gura Philip 2006-7 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill William S. Newman Distinguished Professor The Club of the Like-Minded: A History of New England Transcendentalism
Gura Philip 1989-90 Peterson University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill William S. Newman Distinguished Professor The Reverend Nathan Fiske and the Cultural Transformation of Central Massachusetts
Gura Philip 2002-3 Peterson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill William S. Newman Distinguished Professor Guitars for all America: C.F. Martin (1796-1873) and the 19th Century Music Trade
Guyatt Nicholas 2013-14 Peterson University of York, UK assistant professor The Scale of Beings and the Prehistory of 'separate but equal'
Gwartney Debra 2008 Baron Oregon non-fiction writer I am a Stranger Here Myself: A memoir and history of Narcissa Prentiss Whitman and womanhood in the patriarchal American West

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