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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Ha Polly 2006-7 Peterson University of Cambridge Ph.D. candidate The Decalogue and Formation of Denomination
Haberman Robb 2004-5 Legacy University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate "Magazine Production and the Economics of the Print Trade in Post-Revolutionary America"
Hackenberg Michael 1986-87 Boni University of Chicago assistant professor The Subscription Publishing Phenomenon; William Still's Selling of The Underground Railroad in Philadelphia; The Firm of Deming and Francis in Wethersfield, Conn; The Career of Robert Sears of New York
Hadden Sally 1994-95 Peterson University of Toledo associate professor Slave Patrols of the Old South and Newspapers as Disseminators of Legal Information
Hagedorn Nancy 1987-88 Peterson College of William and Mary Ph.D. candidate Mediating the Exchange of Cultures: Interpreters among the Iroquois, 1664-1775
Hagedorn Nancy 1998-99 Peterson St John's University assistant professor Interpreters Among the Iroquois, 1664-1775
Hagenbuch Gary 1995 K-12 West Tatnuck School, Worcester, MA teacher To Develop a Curriculum Unit Based upon Worcester, 1825-1850
Hale Matthew 2000-1 Legacy Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate Neither Britons nor Frenchmen: The Creation of American Nationality, 1789-1815
Haley-Newman Megan 1996-97 Peterson College of William and Mary Ph.D. candidate Pest Control Strategies and Their Social Implications in the Chesapeake Area, 1600-1800
Hall Michael 1975-76 Daniels University of Texas professor The Diaries of Increase Mather
Hall David 1981-82 AAS-NEH Boston University professor History of Popular Culture in Colonial New England
Hall David 2004-5 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Harvard University Bartlett Professor of New England Church History A New History of Puritan America
Haltman Kenneth 1993-94 Peterson Bryn Mawr College postdoctoral fellow The Invention of Ethnographic Portraiture
Halttunen Karen 1999-00 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of California, Davis professor American Pilgrimage: A Cultural History of Plymouth Rock
Halttunen Karen 1987-88 Peterson Northwestern University associate professor Murder and the Gothic Imagination in American Culture
Halttunen Karen 1988-89 RA Northwestern University associate professor Murder and the Gothic Imagination in American Culture
Halttunen Karen 1995-96 Peterson UC Davis professor Jacob's Pillows: Natural History and Memory in the Making of New England
Hamilton William 1979-80 Daniels Yale University Ph.D. candidate Preachers and Professionalism
Hamilton Cynthia 1979-80 Peterson Manchester Metropolitan senior lecturer Representations of the Freedmen 1861-76
Hancock David 2003-4 ASECS University of Michigan, Ann Arbor associate professor Oceans of Wine, Empires of Commerce: Madeira Wine and the Self-Organization of the Atlantic Market Economy, 1640-1815
Handsman Russell 1993-94 Peterson Litchfield, CT independent scholar Challenging the Silences in New England History: John Milton Earle and the Indian People of Massachusetts
Hansen Karen 1988-89 Peterson UC Berkeley Ph.D. candidate The Social Dimension of Laborers' Lives, 1810-60
Hanson Charles 1991-92 Peterson UC Berkeley Ph.D. candidate From the Quebec Act to the French Alliance: Anti-Catholicism in Revolutionary New England
Hardy Molly 2012-13 NEMLA Southwestern University postdoctoral fellow Imperial Authorship and Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic Literary Production
Harley Anne 2012 Hearst Claremont, CA musician, soprano True Witness: A multi-choral civil rights cantata inspired by the texts of Charlotte Forten
Harley John 1976-77 Daniels Exeter College Maps in Eighteenth-Century North American Libraries
Harnish Katherine 2017-18 Drawn to Art Washington University in St. Louis Ph.D. candidate Painting Ephemera in the Age of Mass Production
Harris Mazie 2012-13 Last Brown University Ph.D. candidate Selling Photography on Broadway, 1839-1884
Harris Michael 1972-73 U.S. Steel Foundation University of Kentucky assistant professor Book Traders and Books in the Ohio Valley, 1800-1850
Harrison Candice 2006-7 Peterson Emory University Ph.D. candidate The Politics of Exchange in Philadelphia's Public Markets, 1770-1859
Harthorn Steven 2002-3 Botein University of Tennessee, Knoxville Ph.D. candidate James Fenimore Cooper and the American Literary Market, 1838-1851
Harvey Sean 2010-11 AAS-NEH Northern Illinois University visiting assistant professor American Languages: Indians, Ethnology, and the Empire for Liberty
Harvey Samantha 2017-18 AAS-NEH Boise State University professor of English Reading the Book of Nature: Imagination, Observation, and Conservation in Transatlantic Romanticism
Hatch Nathan 1977-78 Daniels University of Notre Dame assistant professor From Revolution to Reaction
Hatcher Jeffrey 1995 Wallace Minneapolis, MN playwright Sockdology: A play about the actors in the play Our American Cousin
Haulman Kate 1999-00 Peterson Cornell University Ph.D. candidate The Empire's New Clothes: The Politics of Dress in America, 1765-1820
Hawley Elizabeth 2002-3 Reese Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D. candidate American Publishers of Indecent Books, 1840 - 1890
Hawley Elizabeth Haven 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Florida University librarian special and area studies collections, George A. Smathers Libraries A Perfect Machine: The Adams Power Press
Hayes Lisa 2011 Baron Bowie, MD playwright Research on colonial America just before the Revolutionary War to be used in writing two museum theater plays for the Accokeek Foundation's Natonal Colonial Farm
Hayes Monique Celeste 2023 Baron Fort Washington, MD historical novelist Research for “Sally Forth,” on African-American experience during the American Revolution from the years 1771-1785
Haynes April 2009-10 Hench University of California, Santa Barbara PhD in history Riotous Flesh: Confronting Gender and Sexuality through Grahamite Health Reform, 1830-1860
Hazard Sonia 2013-14 Last Duke University Ph.D. candidate In and Of the Machine: Religion and Visual Technologies in Antebellum America
Hazard Sonia 2017-18 Last Duke University Ph.D. candidate The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America
Hazard Sonia 2018-19 AAS-NEH Franklin & Marshall College visiting assistant professor of religious studies The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America
Headley Janet 2002-3 Drawn to Art Loyola College associate professor Structuring Urban Space: Public Monuments in Boston, 1825-1897
Hebel Udo 2000-1 Peterson University of Regensburg chair Forefathers' Day Orations and Celebrations between the American Revolution and the Civil War
Heinzer Holly 2000-1 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate On the Move: The Means and Meanings of Travel in Northeastern America, 1750-1850
Held Beverly 1980-81 Hiatt University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate American Festivals--The Early Republican
Heller Lee 1989-90 AAS-NEH Mercer College assistant professor The Novel as Popular Literature: American Fiction in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Heller Lee 1994-95 RA Mercer College assistant professor The Uses of Fiction: Novel Reading and American Culture, 1720-1860
Helwig Timothy 2005-6 Peterson University of Maryland Ph.D. candidate Race, Nativism, and the Making of Class in Antebellum City-Mysteries
Henderson H. 1976-77 Daniels Oklahoma State University professor Political Culture in Virginia and Massachusetts, 1775-1800
Hendler Glenn 2002-3 NEMLA University of Notre Dame associate professor Riot Acts: Gender, Race, and Public Violence in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Henretta James 1984-85 AAS-NEH Boston University professor Law and the Creation of the Liberal State in America, 1770-1870
Herbert Amanda 2007-8 Peterson Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate Transatlantic female alliances, 1640-1714
Hernandez Melanie 2012-13 Drawn to Art University of Washington, Seattle Ph.D. candidate Currier & Ives's 'Darktown' Series: Recovering White Capital through Violent Satire
Hernandez Melanie 2019-20 Last California State University, Fresno assistant professor of English Drawing the Border: Mexicans and Mexicanness in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Visual Culture
Herrington Eldrid 2003-4 AAS-NEH University College, Dublin assistant professor Civil War, Revision, and Self-Representation
Herrington Philip 2010-11 Peterson University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate The Plantation as Imagined in Antislavery Discourse, 1830-1860
Herrmann Sebastian 2015-16 Ebeling University of Leipzig lecturer in American studies Imagining (Big) Data
Herzogenrath Bernd 2003-4 Ebeling University of Cologne researcher Cotton Mather’s Conception of the Body
Hess Sophie 2023-24 Korzenik University of Maryland PhD candidate in American history 'Come by Water and Not by Land:' Iron, Rivers, and Challenges to Settler Colonialism in Maryland, 1608-1782
Hessell Nikki 2018-19 Peterson Victoria University of Wellington associate professor of English Sensitive Negotiations: Romantic Literature and Indigenous Diplomacy, 1820-1950
Heyrman Christine 1979-80 AAS-NEH UC Irvine assistant professor The Culture of Charity: Merchants, Ministers, and the Social Order of New England,1680-1740
Highland Kristen 2012-13 Botein New York University Ph.D. candidate At the Bookstore: Literary and Cultural Experience in Antebellum New York City
Hijar Katherine 2004-5 AHPCS Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate Sex, Violence, and Sport in American Popular Print Culture, 1820-1880
Hill Sean 2010 Hearst Bemidji, MN poet Dangerous Goods: A series of poems about two African American men who immigrated with their families from Milledgeville, GA to Liberia in the 1870s
Hilliard Kathleen 2017-18 Peterson Iowa State University associate professor Bonds Burst Asunder: The Revolutionary Politics of Getting By in Civil War and Emancipation, 1860-1867
Hinsley Curtis 1986-87 Peterson Colgate University associate professor Anthropology in Boston, 1860-20
Hinz-Bode Kristina 2006-7 Ebeling University of Kassel assistant professor America's Cultural Deficits: A Transatlantic Debate and Its Reflection in American Literature
Hinz-Bode Kristina 2007-8 Ebeling University of Kassel assistant professor America's Cultural Deficits: A Transatlantic Debate and Its Reflection in American Literature
Hirshberg Charles 2005 Baron New York, NY writer Vistas of Destiny: Thomas Wentworth Higginson in Worcester
Hobson Hallie 2001 Hearst New York, NY playwright Watchnight: A play on the eve of Emancipation
Hochman Barbara 2001-2 NEMLA Ben-Gurion University of the Negev senior lecturer Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Reading Revolution
Hodges Graham 1999-00 Peterson Colgate University professor David Ruggles: Black Apostle of Freedom
Hoeflich Michael 2001-2 Reese University of Kansas School of Law professor The Material Culture of the Nineteenth Century
Holmes Gerard 2019-20 Peterson University of Maryland Ph.D. candidate in English 'Discretion in the Interval': Emily Dickinson’s Musical Performances
Holness Lucien 2018-19 Last University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history Between North and South, East and West: The Anti-Slavery Movement in Southwestern Pennsylvania
Holt Keri 2010-11 Last Utah State University assistant professor Reading the Federal Republic: Considering the Place of the States in the Early U.S.
Holton Woody 1999-00 AAS-NEH Bloomsburg University assistant professor Republics of Hope and the Empire of Despair: A Social Interpretation of the United States Constitution
Homestead Melissa 2010-11 Reese University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor E.D.E.N. Southworth's Serial Fiction
Homestead Melissa 2000-1 Hench University of Pennsylvania PhD candidate Imperfect Title, Nineteenth-Century American Women Authors and Literary Property
Homestead Melissa 1996-97 Peterson University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate Imperfect Title: Nineteenth-Century American Women Authors and Literary Property
Homsher Betsy 1998-99 Peterson UC Santa Barbara Ph.D. candidate The Diaries of Sally Ripley Stearns
Honeycutt Brece 2019 Hearst Sheffield, MA mixed media artist A series of artworks that demonstrate at their core a respect for the natural world in ages past
Hooper Rachel 2023-24 Korzenik Savannah College of Art and Design professor of art history Black-Owned Art Collections in the United States, 1860-1870
Hoopes James 1983-84 AAS-NEH Babson College professor Consciousness in New England
Hopwood Elizabeth 2017-18 Last Loyola University Chicago instructor Eating the Atlantic: Nineteenth-Century U.S. and Caribbean Tables and Texts
Horowitz Helen 1999-00 Mellon Postdoctoral Smith College professor Sexual Representation and Censorship in the United States, 1830-80
Horton James O. 2010-11 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence George Washington University professor emeritus A Documentary History of African Americans from 1619 to the Civil War
Horton Lois 2010-11 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence George Mason University professor emerita African Americans and the Concept of Freedom in the Revolutionary Era
House Kay 1977-78 Daniels San Francisco State University professor Editing Cooper's 'The Pilot'
Howe John 2002-3 ASECS University of Minnesota professor emeritus The Social Politics of Verbal Discourse in Revolutionary Boston
Howell William 2020-21 AAS-NEH Boston University associate professor of English Worldly Muses: American Occasional Poetry from the Revolution to Reconstruction
Hsueh Vicki 2004-5 Peterson Western Washington University assistant professor Hybrid Constitutionalism: Negotiating Constitutions and Cultures in the Proprietary Colonies, 1625-1690
Huang Nian-Sheng 2005-6 Peterson California State University, Channel Islands associate professor The Poor in Early Massachusetts, 1630-1830
Huang Yiyun 2020-21 Peterson University of Tennessee-Knoxville Ph.D. candidate in history The Chinese Origins of Medicinal Tea: Global Cultural Transfer and a Vast Early America
Hudson Angela 2004-5 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate Indians, Slaves, and Surveyors on the Federal Road, 1790s-1840s
Hudson Angela Pulley 2016-17 Peterson Texas A&M University associate professor of history Indian Doctresses in the Nineteenth-Century United States
Huffman John 2009-10 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate Documents of Identity in the Early Republic


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