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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Kabala James 2007-8 Legacy Brown University Ph.D. candidate A Christian Nation?: Religion and the State in the Early American Republic, 1787-1844
Kahn Laurie 1992-93 ASECS Watertown, MA independent filmmaker A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard (film adaptation)
Kaja Jeffrey 2008-9 Peterson University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate "From Rivers to Roads: Economic Development and the Evolution of Transportation Systems in Early Pennsylvania, 1675-1800."
Kamil Neil 2012-13 AAS-NEH University of Texas at Austin associate professor Artisans of 'Inventive Genius': Atlantic Refugees, Niche Economies, and Portable Devices in the Manufacture of Polite Matter, 1640-1789
Kanzler Katja 2006-7 Ebeling Leipzig University associate lecturer Genre and Separate Spheres in Antebellum Women's Writing
Karlsen Carol 1994-95 AAS-NEH University of Michigan associate professor Relations of Power, the Power of Relations: Iroquois Communities in Western New York, 1750-00
Kaspirek Maria 2017-18 Ebeling Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Ph.D. candidate in American studies (In)Sanitary Science: The Discourse of Mental Hygiene as Tacit Knowledge in Antebellum Literature
Katz Wendy 2008-9 Last University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor The Politics of Art Criticism in the Penny Press, 1833-1862
Keech Pamela 1997 Wallace New York, NY visual artist and independent curator Nurseries: An installation picturing the lives of children in post Civil War America
Keiter Lindsay 2020-21 Peterson Penn State-Altoona assistant professor of history Uniting Interests: Love, Money, and the Law in American Marriage, 1750-1860
Kelley Mary 1990-91 Peterson Dartmouth College professor Achieving Authority: Women in Public in Early America
Kelley Wyn 2023-24 AAS-NEH Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senior lecturer of literature Brazi in Early North American Black Print Culture
Kelley Mark 2019-20 AHPCS Florida International University assistant professor of English Sentimental Seamen: Feeling Bodies in an American Age of Sail
Kelley Mary 2013-14 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of Michigan Ruth Bordin Collegiate Professor of History, American Culture, and Women’s Studies 'What Are You Reading, What Are You Saying?' American Reading and Writing Practices, 1760-1860
Kelley Sean 2008-9 AAS-NEH Hartwick College associate professor Gone to Africa: A Rhode Island Slave Ship and the Making of a Diaspora
Kelly Catherine 1999-00 Peterson University of Oklahoma assistant professor Things Useful and Ornamental: Gender, Culture, and Gentility in the Bourgeois Republic
Kelly John 1973-74 Mellon short-term fellow Harvard University teaching fellow The Scientific Contents and Popular Use of American Almanacs
Kelly Catherine 1987-88 Peterson University of Rochester Ph.D. candidate Mothers and Daughters: Intergenerational Conflict and Continuity, 1820-39
Kennelly Laura 1994-95 Peterson Baldwin-Wallace College assistant editor Samuel West: Private Life in Revolutionary Times, 1739-1808
Keralis Spencer 2009-10 Legacy New York University Ph.D. candidate Children of Wrath: Violence, Remembrance, and the Making of Youth in Antebellum America
Keyes Sarah 2010-11 Peterson University of Southern California Ph.D. candidate Circling Back: Migration to the Pacific and the Reconfiguration of America, 1820-1900
Kiechle Melanie 2014-15 AAS-NEH Virginia Tech University assistant professor of history Smell Detectives: An Olfactory History of Nineteenth-Century America
Kikuchi Akira 1991-92 RA Otaru University of Commerce professor The Development of American Society from the Colonial Period to the Early Nineteenth Century
Kilbride Daniel 2007-8 Peterson John Carroll University associate professor The Grand Tour: European Travelers and American National Identities, 1750-1870
Kimnach Wilson 1993-94 AAS-NEH Clark University affiliate professor Literature of the Sermon in Eighteenth-Century America
King John 1980-81 AAS-NEH University of Michigan assistant professor Puritan Psychomachy: Themes of Piety and Mental Pathology in Early America
Kirkpatrick Marguerite 1997 K-12 Logan County High School library media specialist Study of journals, diaries, amateur newspapers, and letters of young people to use in curriculum development for interdisciplinary unites in social studies, language arts, family living and media classes
Klaum Alison 2010-11 Last University of Delaware PhD candidate Pressing Flowers: American Floral Prints and Preserving Culture in the Nineteenth Century
Klein Shana 2013-14 AHPCS Univeristy of New Mexico Ph.D. candidate The Fruits of Empire: Contextualizing Food in Still-Life Representation, 1850-1900
Klein Shana 2022-23 Korzenik Kent State University assistant professor Spoiled Milk: The Visual Culture of Breastfeeding and Motherhood in Victorian America
Klein Lauren 2013-14 Drawn to Art GA Insitute of Technology assistant professor A Cultural History of Data Visualization, 1786-2013
Klimasmith Betsy 2008-9 Botein University of Massachusetts, Boston associate professor Cities and Seductions: Sex and Early American Urban Fiction
Knecht Rachel 2016-17 Lapides Brown University Ph.D. candidate Inventing the Mathematical Economy in Nineteenth-Century America
Knoles Lucia 1998-99 RA Assumption College associate professor A Slippery Self: Self Culture and the Self-made Man in Nineteenth Century American Literature
Knutson Andrea 2020-21 Last Oakland University associate professor of English Barbados’s Plantation History at the Intersection of Slavery and Ecocide
Koch Philippa 2013-14 Peterson University of Chicago Divinity School Ph.D. candidate Persistent Providence: Religion and Epidemics in Eighteenth-Century America
Koenigsberg Lisa 1984-85 Haven Yale University Ph.D. candidate Professionalizing Domesticity
Kohlstedt Sally 1982-83 Haven Syracuse University associate professor Natural History Museums: The Nineteenth Century
Komanecky Michael 2007-8 Last independent scholar Carleton Watkins' Photographs of the California Missions
Koo Kathryn 2005-6 Peterson Saint Mary's College of California assistant professor In the House of God: Cotton Mather and the Making of Puritan Slavery
Kopacz Paula 1988-89 RA Eastern Kentucky University associate professor Women's Daily Life in Seventeenth-Century New England
Kopelson Heather 2014-15 Last University of Alabama assistant professor of history Idolatrous Processions: The Production of Peoples and Places in the Atlantic World
Kornblith Gary 1984-85 Haven Oberlin College assistant professor Master Mechanics in New England, 1780s-1850s
Koschnik Albrecht 2009-10 ASECS Library Company of Philadelphia American Conceptions of Civil Society, 1750-1850
Kras Carolyn 2014 Hearst Los Angeles, CA writer, screen (TV, theater, stage) Research for a TV pilot script to take place in 1871 after the Great Chicago Fire
Kroeger Karl 1987-88 Peterson University of Colorado, Boulder music librarian The Complete Works of William Billings
Kroeger Karl 1973-74 Mellon short-term fellow University of Colorado, Boulder music librarian The Complete Works of William Billings, volume 4
Kuczynski Peter 1987-88 RA Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany chairman The Contemporary Reception of Nathaniel Hawthorne
Kummer Karsten 2002-3 Ebeling University of Bremen lecturer Eighteenth-Century German-American Texts: A Study of Intercultural Negotiations and Relations
Kupperman Karen Ordahl 2003-04 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence New York University Silver Professor The Founding of Jamestown in Its Atlantic Context

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