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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Laats Adam 2018-19 Alstott-Morgan State University of New York, Binghamton professor of teaching, learning, and educational leadership Toe the Line: Joseph Lancaster and the Delusion of Early School Reform
Labuz Ronald 1991-92 Boni Mohawk Valley Community College professor American Graphic Design, 1830-70
Lacey Barbara 1996-97 AAS-NEH Saint Joseph College associate professor Religious Imagery Transformed: The Eighteenth-Century American Illustrated Imprint
Lafferty Ben 2014-15 Fulbright Queen Mary, University of London PhD in history A Marketplace of Ideas: Printed Culture and Communications in Federalist Era New England
LaFleur Greta 2013-14 Peterson University of Hawai'I at Manoa assistant professor American Insides: Popular Narrative and the Historiography of Sexuality, 1674-1815
Lamore Eric 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Professor of English “Unstable as Water”: Early Black Atlantic Literature and Textual Fluidity
Lamore Eric 2019-20 Reese University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM) professor of English Abagail Field Mott’s 1829 Abridged Edition of Olaudah Equiano’s ‘Interesting Narrative’: A Critical Edition
Lampert Sara 2010-11 Peterson University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate Women and the Making of the Nineteenth-Century Culture Industry
Lampi Philip 1974-75 Daniels independent researcher Vote Tabulation in American Presidential, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and State Legislative Elections, 1788-1824
Landsberg Eva 2022-23 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate The Politics of Sugar in the 18th-Century British Atlantic
Lange Allison 2011-12 AHPCS Brandeis University PhD candidate Transformative Images of Woman Suffrage, 1776-1920
Langford Paul 1974-75 Daniels Lincoln College, Oxford British Attitudes towards the American Colonies during theAmerican Revolution
Langley Harold 1973-74 Mellon short-term fellow Museum of History and Technology, Smithsonian associate curator American Press Reaction to the Peace of Ghent
LaPiana Amber 2011-12 Last Washington State University PhD candidate Mapping Literary Regionalism
Larkin Edward 2006-7 AAS-NEH University of Delaware assistant professor The Loyalist Origins of United States Culture
Larkin Ilana 2019-20 Lapides Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate in English Hostile Love: Discipline, Nation, and History-Making in American Children’s Literature
Larkin Jack 2011-12 AAS-NEH Clark University affiliate professor David Claypoole Johnston and the Representation of American Life, 1797-1865
Larnerd Joseph 2018-19 Jaffee Stanford University Ph.D. candidate in art and art history The Makings of Cut Glass in America, 1876-1916
Larson Kate 2001-2 Legacy University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate Asante, Daughter of Zion: The Life and Memory of Harriet Tubman
Laurance Emily 2001 Baron Chapel Hill, NC musician, harpist Sacred Music and Theatrical Songs in Early Nineteenth Century America
Laurie Bruce 1993-94 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Amherst professor The Search for Security in Nineteenth-Century America
Lauster Darryl 2022 Hearst Arlington, TX sculptor Research for a series of bronze sculptures that will visually identify with scrolls and parchment manuscripts
Lawes Carolyn 1990-91 Peterson UC Davis associate instructor The Second Great Awakening and the Development of Commercial Capitalism in Worcester, Massachusetts, 1820-48
Lawrence Kathleen 2004-5 Drawn-to-Art Boston University lecturer "Margaret Fuller's Aesthetic Transcendentalism"
Lawson-Peebles Robert 1990-91 ASECS Exeter College lecturer Transatlantic Cultural Relations, 1745-80
Layton Brandon 2017-18 Alstott-Morgan University of California, Davis Ph.D. candidate Children of Two Fires: Childhood, Diplomacy, and Change among the Choctaws and Chickasaws
Le Seven Emilia 2018-19 Jenny d’Héricourt Université Paris Diderot Ph.D. candidate in English-speaking cultures Cooper’s Sea Romances and the American Grand National Narrative
Leal K. Elisa 2022-23 Lapidus Whitworth University ’ assistant professor of history "Nurseries of Piety": Sunday Schools and Children’s Religious Culture in the Unites States, 1790-1860
Leary Lewis 1980-81 Boni University of North Carolina William Rand Kenan, Jr. professor Lectures in the United States, 1783-1829
Leary John 2011-12 Peterson Wayne State University assistant professor A Cultural History of Underdevelopment: Latin America in the U.S. Imagination
Leavenworth Peter 2004-5 Peterson University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate "Confrontations of Taste: American vs. European Standards of Music Aesthetics in the Early Republic"
Leavenworth Peter 2007-8 AAS-NEH University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate Accounting for Taste: The American Music Business in the Early Republic and Confrontations in Music Aesthetics, 1770-1825
Lee Robert 2013-14 Last University of CA, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate Louisiana Purchases: The US-Indian Treaty System in the Missouri River Valley, 1840-1851
Lee John 1996 Wallace Los Angeles, CA playwright Orphan Trains
Lee Jocelyn 1996 K-12 Sequoia Union High School, Redwood City, CA teacher Seneca Falls to Suffrage: A Study of the Early Women's Movement, 1840-20
Lee-Johnson Jazzmen 2019 Jay and Deborah Last Providence, RI interdisciplinary artist Contraband: Visual pieces that explore how the industry of slavery laid the blueprint for drug crimes, gang culture, and mass incarceration in Black communities
Legros Georges Danielle 2023 Hearst Boston, MA poet Research for “Acts of Resistance to New England Slavery by Africans Themselves in New England,” a series of poems about Black self-determinism and articulations of freedom within and against the context of Northern slavery
Lehuu Isabelle 1988-89 Boni Cornell University Ph.D. candidate The New Readers in Antebellum America
Lemire Elise 1994-95 Peterson Rutgers University Ph.D. candidate Discourses of Miscegenation in United States, 1800-1865
Lepler Jessica 2008-9 Hench University of New Hampshire assistant professor 1837: Anatomy of a Panic
Lepore Jill 1993-94 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate Commemorating Cruelty: Writing and Remembering King Philip's War, 1675-76
Leslie Alex 2019-20 Peterson Rutgers University Ph.D. candidate in literature Reading Regions: American Literature and Cultural Geography, 1865-1915
Lett Telesia 2016-17 AHPCS Boston University Ph.D. candidate Making Money: Alfred Jones and the Business of Engraving
Levati Edu 2022-23 Peterson The American School of Sao Paulo, Brazil high school teacher of historia social Hemispheric Negotiations: The United States Recognition of Brazilian Independence
Levy Marshall 1995 K-12 Winn Brook School, Belmont, MA teacher The Evolution of the Chocolate Industry in the New England Area and its Impact on a Developing Society
Levy Barry 1998-99 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Amherst associate professor The Ordeal of Early American Equality: Orphans, Poor Children, and the Massachusetts Labor Regime, 1630-1820
Lewis Randi 2012-13 Peterson University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate To 'the most distant parts of the Globe': Trade, Politics, and the Maritime Frontier in the Early Republic, 1763-1819
Lewis Daniel 2010-11 Last Northern Virginia Community College assistant professor The Popularity of 'Washington Crossing the Delaware' Prints in the Literary Marketplace, 1853-1861
Lewis Charlene 2017-18 Legacy Kalamazoo College professor The Traitor's Wife: Peggy Arnold and Revolutionary America
Lewis Andrew 2000-1 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate Antiques of State: Archaeology in Early Republican America
Lhamon W 1998-99 Peterson Florida State University George M. Harper professor Jump Jim Crow: Plays, Lyrics, and Street Prose of the First Atlantic Popular Culture
Li Yan 1986-87 Peterson University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate The Transformation of the Massachusetts Constitution, 1780-1860
Libow Jess 2020-21 Alstott-Morgan Emory University PhD candidate in English Political Movement: Ability, Sex, and Reform in the Nineteenth-Century United States
Lightfoot Natasha 2006-7 Peterson New York University Ph.D. candidate Race, Class, and Resistance: The Aftermath of Emancipation in Antigua, 1831-1858
Linker Jessica 2012-13 Last University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate 'It is my best wish to behold Ladies among my hearers': Early American Women and Scientific Practice, 1720-1860
Ljungquist Kent 1983-84 RA Worcester Polytechnic Institute associate professor The Aesthetic Categories of the Sublime, the Picturesque, and the Beautiful, as They Are Represented in American Literary Periodicals, 1820-1860
Lobel Cindy 2004-5 Hench CUNY Graduate Center PhD candidate Consuming Classes: Changing Food Consumption Patterns in New York City, 1780-1860
Lobel Cindy 1999-00 Peterson CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate Consuming Classes: Food, Eating, and Images of Consumption in the United States, 1790-1860
Löhrer Gudrun 2010-11 Ebeling John F. Kennedy Institute, Free University of Berlin visiting professor A Cultural History of U.S.-American Banknotes in the Early Nineteenth Century
Loiacono Gabriel 2006-7 Peterson Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate The People and the Poor: Experiences and Ideas of Poverty in Rhode Island, 1780-1888
Lopenzina Drew 2014-15 Peterson Old Dominion University assistant professor of English Cultural Biography of William Apess
Lopez Ruth 2003 Hearst Chicago, IL writer Research in the McLoughlin Brothers archive toward a social history on the artists who helped create children's literature in America
Lorenz Ellen Jane 1977-78 Daniels Union Graduate School Ph.D. candidate Campmeeting Spirituals
Lorsung Eireann 2020 Baron Farmington, ME writer Non-fiction work that examines the history of gardens in Europe and the U.S.
Lovell Margaretta 2007-08 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence California at Berkeley professor of the history of art Painting the Inhabited Landscape: Fitz H. Lane and Winslow Homer
Lovett Ann 2009 Hearst New Paltz, NY photographer Artist book about the textile mills of Lowell and other Massachusetts mill towns and the "mill girls" who worked in them
Lowance Mason 1989-90 Peterson University of Massachusetts, Amherst professor Uncle Tom's Cabin and the New England Sermon Tradition
Lowance Mason 1972-73 U.S. Steel Foundation University of Massachusetts, Amherst professor Symbolic Expression in Puritan Writings, 1620-1776
Lowance Mason 1976-77 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Amherst professor Symbolism in American Writings from the Puritans to the Civil War
Luarca-Shoaf Nenette 2009-10 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate The Place of the Mississippi River in Antebellum Visual Culture and Imagination
Luck Patrick 2012-13 Peterson Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate The Creation of a Deep South: Making the Sugar and Cotton Revolutions in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1790-1825
Lukasik Christopher 2013-14 Last Purdue University associate professor The Image in the Text
Lukasik Christopher 2004-5 AAS-NEH Boston University assistant professor Discerning Characters: Social Distinction and the Face in American Culture, 1780-1850
Lukasik Christopher 2003-4 Drawn to Art Boston University assistant professor Discerning Characters: Social Distinction and the Face in American Literary and Visual Culture, 1780-1850
Lum Christine 1995 K-12 Caroline High School, Glen Allen, VA teacher Develop a Curriculum Unit on the Life of Catherine Marie Sedgwick for a Secondary American Literature Course
Lundberg James 2006-7 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate Reading Horace Greeley's America, 1834-1872
Lurie Howard 1994 K-12 Mt Anthony Union HS, Bennington, VT teacher Shay's Rebellion
Lushington Cora 1973-74 Mellon short-term fellow University of Sussex lecturer The Democratic Press in England and America
Luskey Brian 2003-4 Peterson Emory University Ph.D. candidate The Marginal Men: Clerks and the Meanings of Class in Nineteenth-Century America
Luskey Brian 2012-13 Tracy West Virginia University assistant professor Magnificent Rogue: A Swindler, Seducer, and Slaver in the Nineteenth Century
Lutz Mary Anne 1996-97 RA Frostburg State University associate professor The Politics of the American Picturesque: Perceptions of Land and Native Americans
Lyman Richard 1983-84 RA Simmons College professor The Economic and Social Context of the Lincoln Family, 1810-1840
Lyons Clare 1992-93 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate Sex Among the 'Rabble': Gender Transitions in the Age of the Revolution, Philadelphia 1750-1830
Lyons Maura 2014-15 Last Drake University associate professor of art history Popular Depictions of the 'Natural' Body of the Union Soldier
Lyons Erin 2015 Hearst Washington, DC fiction writer Historical novel about Anne Hutchinson and the Massachusetts Bay Colony, from 1630-1638, told from the point of view of a servant girl
Lyra Franciszek 1989-90 Peterson M Curie-Sklodowska, University of Poland senior lecturer Revising the Canon of the First Two Centuries of American Literature

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