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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Saba Roberto 2017-18 Hench University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. in history American Mirror: The United States and the Empire of Brazil in the Age of Emancipation
Sachs Honor 2002-3 Peterson University of Wisconsin, Madison Ph.D. candidate The Best Poor Woman's Country: Women, Gender, and Politics in the Eighteenth-century Kentucky Backcountry
Sachs Aaron 2007-8 Peterson Cornell University assistant professor Death and Life in the American Environment: Radical Arcadias of the Nineteenth Century
Salisbury Neal 1995-96 AAS-NEH Smith College professor From Frontier to Society: Natives, Settlers and the Transformation of Southern New Engand
Salisbury Neal 2018-19 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Smith College Barbara Richmond 1940 Professor Emeritus in the Social Sciences Lives on the Line: Colonial Histories in Early New England
Salter Sarah 2013-14 Tracy Pennsylvania State University Ph.D. candidate Patterns of Recognition and Imagination in Italy and the United States, 1790-1910
Salter Sarah 2022-23 Botein Texas A&M University assistant professor of English Sex in Pages: A Theoretical History of Periodical Sexualities
Samuels Shirley 1988-89 NEMLA Cornell University associate professor Politics and the Family in the Early Republic
Sanchez-Eppler Karen 2019-20 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Amherst College L. Stanton Williams 1941 Professor of American Studies and English The Archives of Childhood: Playing with the Past
Sandage Scott 1993-94 Peterson Rutgers University Ph.D. candidate Deadbeats, Drunkards, and Dreamers: The Problem of Failure in Nineteenth Century America
Santoro Lily 2007-8 Peterson University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate "The Science of God's Creation: Popular Science and Christianity in the Early Republic"
Sappol Michael 1996-97 Peterson Columbia University Ph.D. candidate Singing the Body Electric
Sasanov Catherine 2016 Baron Jamaica Plain, MA poet Markd Y (Archives and Invocations)
Sassi Jonathan 1999-00 ASECS College of Staten Island/CUNY assistant professor Clerical Communities and the Religious Public Sphere
Schachterle Lance 1973-74 Mellon short-term fellow Worcester Polytechnic Institute assistant professor An edition of James Feniore Cooper's The Pioneers
Schachterle Lance 1984-85 RA Worcester Polytechnic Institute professor Research for an edition of Cooper's The Spy
Schantz Mark 1987-88 Hiatt Emory College Ph.D. candidate Piety in Providence: The class Dimensions of Religious Experience in Providence, Rhode Island, 1790-1860
Schiavo Laura 1999-00 Peterson George Washington University Ph.D. candidate A Collection of Endless Extent and Beauty: Stereographs, Perception, Taste, and the American Middle Class
Schindler Sabine 2008-9 Ebeling Martin Luther Univeristy Ph.D. candidate Talk of the Nation: Public speaking, Cultural Performance, and the Negotiation of National Identity in Nineteenth-Century America, 1840-1880
Schinto Jeanne 2015 Baron Andover, MA independent writer  Research for 5-part series about the Walpole Society
Schirmeister Pamela 1994-95 Peterson New York University assistant professor A Cultural Biography of James Fenimore Cooper
Schlitt Michael 2020 Hearst Los Angeles, CA storyteller The Pursuit of Happiness podcast: a multi-episode audio series about Americans' quest for an elusive, aspirational ideal of happiness
Schmidt Klaus 1995-96 RA University of Mainz, Germany assistant professor Between Periphery and Center: Studies in the Literatures and Cultures of British America, 1702-1776
Schneider Erika 2017-18 Last Framingham State University associate professor Lost in Translation, Found in Print: American Gift Books
Schocken Merav 2022-23 Last University of California, Santa Barbara PhD candidate in English Material Faith: The Business of Death and the Afterlife in Nineteenth-Century America
Schoeppner Michael 2022-23 Peterson , University of Maine, Farmington associate professor of history The First Illegal Immigrants
Schoolman Martha 2006-7 Peterson Miami University assistant professor American Abolitionist Geographies
Schoone-Jongen Robert 1995 K-12 SW Minnesota Christian High School teacher Survey of how Popular Hymns and Other Religious Songs Reflected Views on Political/Social Issues, 1775-1800
Schrader Arthur 1979-80 AAS-NEH performer and singing history scholar The Isaiah Thomas Ballad Collection
Schreiber Kayla 2023-24 Last University of Southern Mississippi Graduate Student of English Black Fugitivity, Disability, and Sexual Deviancy in Nineteenth Century Slave Narratives
Schroeder Jonathan 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Warwick assistant professor of English and comparative literary studies The Lives of John Jacobs
Schuetze Sarah 2016-17 Last University of Wisconsin-Green Bay assistant professor of English Calamity Howl
Schuetze Sarah 2017-18 AAS-NEH University of Wisconsin-Green Bay assistant professor of English Calamity Howl: Fear of Illness in Early American Writing
Schultz Heidi 1995-96 Peterson UNC, Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate Women Writing in the American South: Writing at Female Acadmies and Writing Without Teachers, 1800-1860
Schultz Jaclyn 2017-18 Schiller University of California, Santa Cruz Ph.D. candidate Learning the Value of a Dollar
Schurman Lydia 1988-89 Peterson Northern Virginia Community College professor Publishers, Publications, and Purveyors: The Dime Novel Publishing World, 1860-15
Schwarzlose Richard 1984-85 Peterson Northwestern University associate professor The Origins of the Newspaper Press
Schweiger Beth Barton 2003-4 Peterson University of Arkansas assistant professor Reading Slavery: Southerners and Their Books
Schweiger Beth 2008-9 AAS-NEH University of Arkansas associate professor Reading before Literacy: The Uses of English Grammar in the Early Nineteenth Century
Scott Donald 1979-80 Daniels North Carolina State University associate professor The Public Lecture in Mid-19th Century America
Scott Donald 1981-82 AAS-NEH North Carolina State University associate professor Public Lectures and the Formation of American Culture, 1830-1870
Secord James 2004-5 Botein University of Cambridge professor "Nature as News: Reporting Science in the Antebellum American Illustrated Press"
Seeley Samantha 2022-23 AAS-NEH University of Richmond associate professor of history Bound by Treaty: Emancipation and Diplomacy in the Age of Revolutions
Seelye John 1985-86 AAS-NEH University of Florida graduate research professor The River in the Early American Republic
Seelye John 1987-88 RA University of Florida graduate research professor Plymouth Rock
Seelye John 1994-95 RA University of Florida graduate research professor Plymouth Rock
Seeman Erik 1992-93 Hiatt University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate Laity, Clergy, and the Shaping of Popular Religious Culture in New England, 1720-1770
Senchyne Jonathan 2009-10 Last Cornell University PhD candidate 'Bottles of Ink, and Reams of Paper': Racial Mixture and Legibility in Antebellum Illustration
Senchyne Jonathan 2013-14 AAS-NEH University of Wisconsin-Madison assistant professor Our Paper Allegories: A Sense for the Material Text in Antebellum American Literature
Sentilles Renée 2003-4 Peterson Case Western Reserve University assistant professor Tomboys and Other Nineteenth-Century Girls
Sentilles Renée 1998-99 Hench Franklin & Marshall College visiting assistant professor Performing Menken: Adah Isaacs Menken's American Odyssey
Sepulveda Asiel 2018-19 Last Southern Methodist University Ph.D. candidate in art history City Impressions: Lithography and Urban Modernity in Nineteenth-Century Havana
Shalhope Robert 1995-96 AAS-NEH Oklahoma State University George Lynn Cross professor A Yeoman's Life: Hiram Harwood, 1806-1837
Shapiro Adam 2011-12 Reese University of Wisconsin-Madison postdoctoral fellow William Paley and the Natural Theology Tradition in America
Sharifian Hesam 2017-18 Last Tufts University Ph.D. candidate Americanizing Shakespeare in Print
Sharren Kandice 2020-21 Botein Simon Fraser University instructor of English Politics, Paratexts, and Transatlantic Fiction, 1790-1840
Sheehan Tanya 2009-10 AAS-NEH Rutgers University assistant professor Blacks and Whites: Race and Early Photographic Humor
Sheets Kevin 1997-98 Peterson University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate Latin America, the Dead Language, Schools, and the Culture of the Educated Man
Sheidley Harlow 1983-84 Hiatt University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate Sectional Nationalism: Massachusetts Conservatives and the Epic of New England, 1815-1836
Shell Marc 1981-82 AAS-NEH SUNY Buffalo associate professor Money and Symbolism in America: Case Studies
Shelnutt Blevin 2015-16 AHPCS New York University Ph.D. candidate New York City's Broadway and Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture
Sheriff Carol 1991-92 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate The Social and Cultural Impact of the Erie Canal, 1790-1860
Shields David 1985-86 Haven The Citadel assistant professor Literary Neoclassicism during the 1740's and 1750's in Massachusetts
Shoemaker Nancy 2006-7 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor The Whaling History of New England Indians
Shore Laurence 1981-82 Daniels Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate The Degradation and Dignity of Labor: Political Economy and the Southern Ruling Elite, 1850-76
Shufelt John 2017-18 Peterson Brown University visiting associate professor Newspaper Accounts of the Coolie Slave Trade
Shuster Robert 2006 Baron Westchester County, NY writer The Indestructible Soldier: A non-fiction book on America's culture of war and the military in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Sidbury James 2002-3 Mellon Postdoctoral University of Texas at Austin associate professor Conceptions of Africa in Early African-American Culture, 1760-1830
Siebert Johanna 2016-17 Ebeling Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Ph.D. candidate Networks of Taste: The Early African Caribbean Press in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World
Siegel Nancy 2008-9 Last Juniata College assistant professor Bodily Functions as Body Politic: Scenes of Protest in Eighteenth-Century Prints.
Siegel Nancy 2017-18 Peterson Towson University professor Political Appetites: Revolution, Taste, and Culinary Activism in the Early Republic
Sievens Mary Beth 2009-10 AAS-NEH SUNY-Fredonia associate professor The Fruit of My Industry: Household Economy, the Market, and Consumer Society in New England, 1790-1865
Sievens Mary Beth 1995-96 Peterson Boston University Ph.D. candidate Stray Wives: Marital Expectations and Conflict in Vermont 1790-1830
Sikoryak R. 2006 Baron New York, NY Cartoonist Comic strip adaptation of Moby Dick
Silbert Kate 2015-16 Last Univeristy of Michigan Ph.D. candidate 'Committed to Memory': Gender, Literary Engagement, and Commemorative Practice, 1780-1830
Silver-Isenstadt Jean 1995-96 Peterson University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate Pure Pleasure: The Shared Life and Work of Mary S. Gove Nichols and Thomas Low Nichols in American Health Reform
Silverman David 2005-6 ASECS George Washington University assistant professor Brothertown: American Indians and the Problem of Race
Silverman David J. 2010-11 ASECS George Washington University associate professor Thundersticks: Firearms and the Transformation of Native America
Silverman David 2001-2 Hench Princeton University Ph.D. candidate Faith and Boundaries: Colonists, Christianity, and Community Among the Wampanoag Indians of Martha's Vineyard, 1600-1871
Simmons Richard 1982-83 Boni Birmingham College British Imprints Relating to North America, 1621-1760
Simon Janice 1993-94 Peterson University of Georgia assistant professor The Forest Interior in American Painting, 1840-00
Simon Janice 1995-96 RA University of Georgia assistant professor The Forest Interior in American Painting, 1840-1900
Simoncelli Michael 1999-00 Morgan College of William and Mary Ph.D. candidate Becoming Northern: The Clash of Regional Cultures and the Creation of a Northern Identity in Ohio, 1770-1877
Simons Stephen 1997 K-12 The Peter Rouget teacher Middle School American History Curriculum on Cookbooks of the Early Republic
Singley Carol 1997-98 Peterson Rutgers University associate professor Adoption in American Literature and Culture
Sinha Manisha 2004-5 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts associate professor Redefining Democracy: African Americans and the Movement to Abolish Slavery, 1775-1865
Sinha Manisha 2020-21 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of Connecticut James L. and Shirley A. Draper Chair in American History
Sisson Kelly 2008-9 Peterson University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate "King Corn in American Culture, 1862-1936."
Sivils Matthew Wynn 2012-13 Schiller Iowa State University assistant professor The Rise of American Environmental Literature, 1782-1847
Sizemore Michelle 2019-20 Legacy University of Kentucky associate professor of English Figures: Literature and Mathematics in the Atlantic World, 1750-1860
Sjogren Britta 2003 Baron San Francisco, CA filmmaker A Chain of Windows
Sklansky Jeffrey 2006-07 Burkhardt Oregon State associate professor The Rise and Fall of the 'Money Question' in the Nineteenth-Century United States
Sklar Kathryn 1976-77 Daniels UCLA associate professor Female Education in New England, 1780-1820
Sklarz Cambra 2022-23 Drawn to Art University of California, Riverside PhD candidate in the history of art The Artist and the Ecosystem: Strategies for the Use and Reuse of Materials in Early America
Slauter Will 2014-15 AAS-NEH University of Paris 8 (Saint Denis) lecturer in English and American studies Who Owns the News? Journalism and Intellectual Property in Historical Perspective
Slonimsky Nora 2016-17 Last City University of New York Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate 'The Engine of Free Expression'[?]: The Political Development of Copyright in the Colonial British Atlantic and Early National United States
Smith Laura 2008-9 Drawn-to-Art University of New Hampshire lecturer "Material Domesticity: Textiles in Elizabeth Stoddard's 'The Morgesons'."
Smith Steven 2011-12 Reese University of Missouri Ph.D. candidate A World the Printers Made: Print Culture in New York, 1730-1830
Smith Mikki 2012-13 Peterson University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. candidate Even a Boy's Press Has a 'Power': Amateur Journalism and Youth Information Culture, 1867-1890
Smith Sara 2015 Baron Greenfield, MA choreographer Florence Rice Hitchcock and the Theory of The Soft Earth: A multimedia dance project


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