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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Wagner William 2006-7 Legacy University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate Divided Landscapes: Geographic Literacy and the Mapping of Sectional Conflict in America, 1846-1865
Waldstreicher David 1992-93 Peterson Yale Ph.D. candidate Nationalism and Celebration in Post-Revolutionary America, 1780-1836
Walgren Kent 1995-96 Peterson Salt Lake City, Utah Assistant Attorney General Bibliography of American Masonic and Antimasonic Imprints, 1734-1850
Walker Louise 2019-20 Burkhardt Northeastern University associate professor of history Economic Woes: Debt and the Ethics of Capitalism in Modern Mexico
Walker Rachel 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Hartford assistant professor of history Beauty and the Brain: The Science of the Mind in Early America
Walker Rachel 2018-19 Last University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history A Beautiful Mind: Faces, Beauty, and the Brain in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1780-1870
Walker Rachel 2015-16 Last University of Maryland Ph.D. candidate A Beautiful Mind: Reading Faces in the Ango-Atlantic World, 1760-1860
Walker Jeffrey 1992-93 ASECS Oklahoma State University associate professor Collegiate Literary Culture in Eighteenth-Century America
Walkiewicz Kathryn 2021-22 AAS-NEH University of California - San Diego assistant professor of literature Un-Tied States: Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Indigeneity and Territory
Walkiewicz Alice 2020-21 Drawn to Art The Graduate Center, CUNY Ph.D. candidate in art history Fabricating Clothing and Myth in the American Gilded Age
Walkup Kathleen 2014-15 Botein Mills College Professor of Book Arts Printing at the Margins
Waller Altina 2001-2 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor Margaret Eaton, Sexuality and Empowerment in Jacksonian America
Waller Nicole 2007-8 Ebeling Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (Mainz) junior professor American Encounters with Islam in the Atlantic World
Walsh Megan 2013-14 NEMLA St. Bonaventure University assistant professor Broadview Editon of Frank J. Webb's 'The Garies and Their Friends'
Walsh Megan 2019-20 AAS-NEH St. Bonaventure University professor of English Bad Archives: Extra-Illustration and the History of Information Management in the U.S.
Walsh Catherine H. 2011-12 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate in art history Narrative and Orality in Nineteenth-Century American Visual Culture
Ward William 1987-88 Peterson University of Durham professor emeritus An International History of the Great Awakening
Warner Michael 1986-87 AAS-NEH Northwestern University assistant professor The Letters of the Republic
Warren Wendy 2005-6 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. Candidate African Slavery in New England, 1638-1700
Watkins Jordan 2015-16 Peterson Utah Valley University adjunct 'Another Attucks': The African-American Response to Dred Scott
Watson Patricia 1984-85 Hiatt Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. candidate Preacher-Physicians of Colonial New England
Way Peter 1988-89 Hiatt University of Maryland Ph.D. candidate Rough Labor: The Digging of North America's Canals, 1780-1860
Wegner Joanne 2014-15 Peterson University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate in history Captive Economies: Commodified Bodies in Colonial New England, 1630-1763
Weicksel Sarah 2013-14 Last University of Chicago Ph.D. candidate The Fabric of War: Clothing, Culture, and Violence in the American Civil War Era
Weierman Karen 2000-1 AAS-NEH Worcester State College assistant professor One Nation, One Blood: Interracial Marriage in American Fiction, Scandal, and Law, 1820-1870
Weikle-Mills Courtney 2008-9 Reese University of Pittsburgh assistant professor Imaginary Citizens: Child Readers and the Making of a U.S. Literary Public, 1700-1852.
Weimer Adrian 2017-18 AAS-NEH Providence College associate professor of history Godly Petitions: Puritanism and the Crisis of the Restoration in America
Weimer Adrian 2010-11 Peterson University of Mississippi assistant professor A Cultural History of Afflictions and Consolation in Early New England
Weir David 1984-85 Hiatt Princeton University Ph.D. candidate The Covenant in New England, 1620-80
Weisberg Barbara 1998 Wallace New York, NY writer and producer Talking to the Dead: A non-fiction children's book about Kate and Maggie Fox
Wells Andrew 2019-20 Ebeling University of Greifswald Alfried Krupp junior fellow, Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Localising Liberty: Freedom in the Urban British Atlantic, 1660-1760
Wendt Holly 2014 Baron Annville, PA novelist Holystone: A novel based on the early eighteenth century pirate Captain Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy
Wertheim Aubrey 1996 Wallace Oberlin, OH playwright A full length one woman show about Fanny Fern, the first female American columnist
Wessel Carola 2002-3 University of Goettingen University of Goettingen research librarian Bibliography and Editions of German Language Broadsides Printed in North America, 1700-1830
West Michael 1985-86 Peterson University of Pittsburgh professor Thoreau and the Search for the Language of Nature, 1690-1865
Westbrook Ellen 1992-93 Peterson Southern Mississippi University assistant professor Cultural Captives: Euro Amer Indian Literary Landscapes
Wetherell Charles 1978-79 Daniels University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate A Social History of the Early American Press
Wewers Daniel 2005-6 Peterson Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Divisible Under God: American Religion, Politics, and the Idea of Secession, 1783-1833
Weyler Karen 1995-96 Botein UNC, Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate Issues of Privacy and Publicity in the Early American Novel
Wheeler Rachel 1996-97 Peterson Yale University Ph.D. candidate Forgotten Conversation: The Indian European Negotiation of Religion in the Eighteenth Century Northeast
White Shane 1990-91 Peterson University of Sydney lecturer Black Festivals in the United States, 1750-1860
Whiting Gloria 2012-13 Peterson Harvard University Ph.D. candidate 'Endearing Ties': Black Family Life in Early New England
Wiener Ellen 2002 Hearst Princeton, NJ painter, printmaker, book artist A new 'Book of Hours' using imagery from nineteenth century sources
Wilf Steven 1988-89 Hiatt Yale University Ph.D. candidate Public Executions and the Rituals of Order in the Late 18th Century
Willberg Kriota 2006 Hearst New York, NY choreographer and cartoonist Updated version for a performance of the 1866 Broadway production of 'The Black Crook' 
Williams J. Gary 1983-84 Haven University of Idaho associate professor James Fenimore Cooper's Notions of the Americans
Williams Harry 1985-86 Haven Brown University Ph.D. candidate Charles Lenox Remond and the Community of Female Abolitionists
Williams Daniel 1993-94 ASECS University of Mississippi associate professor The Theft of Authorship
Williams Susan 1997-98 Botein Ohio State University associate professor Writing Home: Female Authorship and Print Culture in America, 1820-00
Williams Trudy 2019 Baron Leeds, MA playwright Complex Harmony: Music, Walt Whitman, and the Railroads
Williams-Witherspoon Kimmika 1996 Wallace Philadelphia, PA Performance poet Life and Times of Lucy Terry
Wilson Jennifer 2009-10 Peterson The Graduate Center, The City University of New York Ph.D. candidate Performing Frenchness in Nineteenth-Century New York and New Orleans: Francois Boieldieu's 'La Dame Blanche'; Daniel Auber's 'La Muette de Portici'; and Giacomo Meyerbeer's 'Robert le Diable' and 'Les Huguenots'
Wilson Lisa 2010-11 AAS-NEH Connecticut College professor Cinderella's Family
Winans Robert 1984-85 Boni Wayne State University assistant professor Checklist of Catalogues of Books printed in 18th-century American Newspapers
Winans Robert 1979-80 Daniels Wayne State University assistant professor A Descriptive Checklist of Book Catalouges Separately Printed in American, 1639-1800, Part 2
Winch Julie 1987-88 Peterson University of Massachusetts, Boston assistant professor American Free Black and Emigration to Haiti in the 1820's
Wingate Jordan 2018-19 Tracy University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. candidate in English The Periodical Origins of the American Self
Winkler Louis 1978-79 Daniels Pennsylvania State University astronomer Popular Astronomical and Astrological Thought in New England before 1800
Winship Michael 1993-94 AAS-NEH University of Texas, Austin associate professor The American Book in the Industrial Era
Winship Michael 2009-10 AAS-NEH University of Texas professor Reaching the Market: Book Distribution in the United States, 1825-1950
Winship Michael 1989-90 Peterson University of Texas, Austin editor Publishers Trade Sales in the Nineteeth Century United States
Wirzbicki Peter 2014-15 Packer University of Chicago collegiate assistant professor, Harper/Schmidt Society of Fellows Black Intellectuals, White Abolitionists, and Revolutionary Transcendentalists
Wisecup Kelly 2014-15 Peterson University of North Texas assistant professor of English Objects of Encounter
Withington Ann 1991-92 AAS-NEH Michigan State University assistant professor Elite and Popular Culture in the Confederation and Early National Period
Wittmann Matthew 2005-6 Peterson University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate American Popular Culture and the Pacific World in the Nineteenth-Century
Wojtusik Barbara 1993-94 Peterson Eastern High School, Bristol, CT teacher The Somers Mutiny
Wolff Stephanie 2013 Jay and Deborah Last Norwich, VT visual artist Artist books and prints focusing thematically on weather and its intersection with human experience, with specific focus on the diaries of Anna Blackwood Howell
Wolffe John 1988-89 Peterson York College lecturer Aspects of Anti Catholicism in the United States, 1830-60
Woloson Wendy 2005-6 Peterson Library Company of Philadelphia curator Underground Economies: People, Markets, and Used Goods in 18th- and 19th-Century America
Woo Ilyon 2004-5 Peterson Columbia University Ph.D. candidate "Mother against Mother"
Wood Joseph 1988-89 Peterson George Mason University associate professor The Literary Origins of New England Village Symobolism
Wood Marcus 1992-93 Peterson Worcester College, Oxford Aboliton Propaganda in Britiain and the United States, 1780-1860
Woods Andrea 1996 Wallace Brooklyn, NY dancer, choreographer Ballad of the Black Cowboy
Woodward Walter 1997-98 Peterson University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate The Magic in Colonization: Religion, Science and the Occult in the Creation of New England Culture
Wright Robert 1999-00 Peterson Temple University visiting assistant professor Early American Finance: Revolution, Integration, Expansion
Wright Nazera 2020-21 AAS-NEH University of Kentucky associate professor of English Early African American Women Writers and their Libraries
Wright Ben 2022-23 Last University of Texas at Dallas associate professor of historical studies Empires of Souls: The United States, Britain, and West African Colonization
Wright Nazera Sadiq 2013-14 Ford University of Kentucky assistant professor of English Girlhood in African American Literature, 1827-1949
Wright Ben 2015-16 Peterson Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College assistant professor Antislavery and American Salvation
Wright Robert 1974-75 Daniels Michigan State University professor Music and Broadside Ballad Collections for Ballads and Songs of the Western Migration, vol 3
Wrightson Nicholas 2006-7 Peterson Jesus College, Oxford University Ph.D. candidate Locating Philadelphia in the Print Culture of the British Atlantic World, c. 1730-65
Wulf Karin 2000-1 ASECS American University assistant professor In the Shade of the Family Tree: Genealogy and Representation of Family Identity in Early America
Wyss Hilary 2006-7 ASECS Auburn University associate professor Native Literacy and Education in Early America

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