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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Bernstein Robin 2008-9 Last Harvard University assistant professor "Racial Innocence: The Uses of Childhood in U.S. Racial Formation 1852-1930."
Braun Juliane 2008-9 Ebeling Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz Ph.D. candidate Petit Paris en Amérique? – French Theatrical Culture in Nineteenth-Century Louisiana
Carlson-Bradley Martha 2008 Baron Hillsborough, NH poet Begin with Trouble: A collection of poems inspired by the 1727 New England Primer
Carroll Brian 2008-9 Peterson University of Connecticut Ph.D. candidate "Military Masculinities in New England: Anglo-American and Native-American Soldiers, 1689-1763."
Cohen Lara 2008-9 Botein Wayne State University assistant professor Notes from Underground: Nineteenth-Century American Print Subcultures
Eastman Carolyn 2008-9 Last University of Texas assistant professor "Learning to See: Gender in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World."
Edelstein Sari 2008-9 Peterson Brandeis University Ph.D. candidate The Novel & the News: Women and the Politics of U.S. Print Culture before 1900.
Eustace Nicole 2008-9 Peterson New York University assistant professor War Ardor: Sex and Sentiment in the War of 1812
Fagan Benjamin 2008-9 Tracy University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate 'Righteousness Exalteth a Nation': Practices of Black Nationalism, 1827-1860.
Forbes Erin 2008-9 Peterson Princeton University Ph.D. candidate "Popular Crime Writing and the Publications of David Walker and Edgar Allan Poe."
Garvey Ellen 2008-9 Peterson New Jersey City University associate professor Book, Paper, Scissors: Scrapbooks Remake American Print Culture.
Gould Sarah 2008-9 Last University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate Seeing American: The Visual Representation of Race in Early American Children's Literature and Games
Gunn Robert 2008-9 Peterson The University of Texas at El Paso assistant professor Ethnology and Empire: John Russell Bartlett and the U.S./Mexico Borderlands
Gwartney Debra 2008 Baron Oregon non-fiction writer I am a Stranger Here Myself: A memoir and history of Narcissa Prentiss Whitman and womanhood in the patriarchal American West
Hurley Natasha 2008-9 ASECS University of Alberta postdoctoral fellow The Child of Circulation in American Literature: The Case of Robinson Crusoe
Jackson-Opoku Sandra 2008 Hearst Chicago, IL novelist God's Gift to the Natives: A novel that explores one musician's enigmatic life and tragic death, while also charting the history and movement of the African diaspora
Kaja Jeffrey 2008-9 Peterson University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate "From Rivers to Roads: Economic Development and the Evolution of Transportation Systems in Early Pennsylvania, 1675-1800."
Katz Wendy 2008-9 Last University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor The Politics of Art Criticism in the Penny Press, 1833-1862
Kelley Sean 2008-9 AAS-NEH Hartwick College associate professor Gone to Africa: A Rhode Island Slave Ship and the Making of a Diaspora
Klimasmith Betsy 2008-9 Botein University of Massachusetts, Boston associate professor Cities and Seductions: Sex and Early American Urban Fiction
Lepler Jessica 2008-9 Hench University of New Hampshire assistant professor 1837: Anatomy of a Panic
Malcom Allison 2008-9 Legacy University of Illinois-Chicago PhD candidate "A Protestant Patriotism: Anti-Catholicism and the Rise of Nationhood in North America, 1830-1870."
Masten April 2008-9 Peterson State University of New York, Stony Brook associate professor The Challenge Dance: Transatlantic Exchange in Early American Popular Culture
Mears Tanya 2008-9 Peterson Norfolk State University assistant professor 'To Lawless Rapine Bred': Early New England Execution Literature Featuring People of African Descent.
Merritt Jane 2008-9 Peterson Old Dominion University associate professor The Trouble with Tea: Consumption, Politics, and the Making of a Global Colonial Economy
Muller Kevin 2008-9 Last University of California at Berkeley lecturer "An Undergraduate Course on Visual Culture in American Life, 1600-1900"
Nelson Adam 2008-9 AAS-NEH University of Wisconsin, Madison associate professor Nationalism, Internationalism, and the Origins of the American University
Nelson Megan 2008-9 Last California State University, Fullerton assistant professor Flesh and Stone: Ruins and the Civil War
Neuman Meredith 2008-9 AAS-NEH Clark University assistant professor Letter and Spirit
Nord David 2008-9 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of Indiana, at Bloomington professor Newspapers and Cities in Early America
Parisian Catherine 2008-9 Reese independent scholar A Publication History of the Works of Frances Burney
Patenaude Monique 2008-9 Peterson University of Rochester Ph.D. candidate Comparative History of Black Communities in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY, 1840-1870
Patterson Cynthia 2008-9 Last University of South Florida, Lakeland assistant professor 'Exclusively from Original Designs': The Philadelphia Pictorials and the Graphic Arts.
Pratt Lloyd 2008-9 NEMLA Michigan State University assistant professor The Freedoms of a Stranger, 1830-1860
Pritchard Janet 2008 Jay and Deborah Last Mansfield Center, CT photographer More Than Scenery: Yellowstone, An American Love Story
Roberge Celeste 2008 Hearst South Portland, ME sculptor Granite Sofa (sculpture)
Roylance Patricia 2008-9 Last Syracuse University assistant professor Eclipse of Empire
Schindler Sabine 2008-9 Ebeling Martin Luther Univeristy Ph.D. candidate Talk of the Nation: Public speaking, Cultural Performance, and the Negotiation of National Identity in Nineteenth-Century America, 1840-1880
Schweiger Beth 2008-9 AAS-NEH University of Arkansas associate professor Reading before Literacy: The Uses of English Grammar in the Early Nineteenth Century
Siegel Nancy 2008-9 Last Juniata College assistant professor Bodily Functions as Body Politic: Scenes of Protest in Eighteenth-Century Prints.
Sisson Kelly 2008-9 Peterson University of Michigan Ph.D. candidate "King Corn in American Culture, 1862-1936."
Smith Laura 2008-9 Drawn-to-Art University of New Hampshire lecturer "Material Domesticity: Textiles in Elizabeth Stoddard's 'The Morgesons'."
Spires Derrick 2008-9 Peterson Vanderbilt University Ph.D. candidate "Reimagining a 'Beautiful but Baneful Object': Black Writers' Theories of Citizenship and Nation in the Antebellum U.S."
Stubenrauch Joseph 2008-9 Last Indiana University PhD candidate Faith in Goods: Religion and the Consumer Revolution
Van Horn Jennifer 2008-9 AHPCS University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate The Object of Civility and the Art of Politeness in British America, 1740-1780
Weikle-Mills Courtney 2008-9 Reese University of Pittsburgh assistant professor Imaginary Citizens: Child Readers and the Making of a U.S. Literary Public, 1700-1852.

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