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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Bonica Joseph 2009-10 Peterson Middle Tennessee State University visiting assistant professor Open Secrets: The Cultural Politics of Secrecy and the Formation of the Early American Republic
Bramen Carrie 2009-10 NEMLA SUNY Buffalo associate professor American Niceness: The Making of a National Type in Nineteenth-Century Culture
Casmier-Paz Lynn 2009-10 Botein University of Central Florida associate professor Slave Literacy, Children's Textbooks, and Antebellum Education
Clytus Radiclani 2009-10 Last Tufts University assistant professor Envision Slavery: American Abolitionism and the Primacy of the Visual
Crosslin Ursula 2009-10 Reese Ohio State University Ph.D. candidate The Institution of the American Church Choir in Philadelphia, 1760-1860
Delamaire Marie-Stéphanie 2009-10 AHPCS Columbia University Ph.D. candidate Transatlantic Encounters: Franco-American Artistic Exchanges, 1848-1867
Deyle Steven 2009-10 Tracy University of Houston associate professor Honorable Men: Isaac Bolton, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and the Murder of James McMillan
Egloff Jennifer 2009-10 Peterson New York University Ph.D. candidate Popular Numeracy in Early Modern England and British North America
Flueckiger Carol 2009 Jay and Deborah Last Lubbock, TX mixed media artist Mixed media works about feminism and early American reform practices
Ganser Alexandra 2009-10 Ebeling Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg assistant professor (Post)Colonial Economies and Spectacles of Consumption in Transatlantic Narratives of Piracy from the Late 17th Century to 1900
Greenspan Ezra 2009-10 Mellon Distinguished Scholar Southern Methodist University professor William Wells Brown: An African-American Life in Letters
Haynes April 2009-10 Hench University of California, Santa Barbara PhD in history Riotous Flesh: Confronting Gender and Sexuality through Grahamite Health Reform, 1830-1860
Huffman John 2009-10 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate Documents of Identity in the Early Republic
Hughes Amy 2009-10 Last Brooklyn College PhD candidate 'Thoughts Bodied upon the State': Sensationalism and Reform in Nineteenth-Century America, 1842-1867
Hyde Carrie 2009-10 Peterson Rutgers University Ph.D. candidate Alienable Rights: Negative Styles of U.S. Citizenship, 1798-1868
Iachini Gian 2009-10 Drawn to Art University of Milan teaching assistant 'Join, or Die': Pictures and Politics in the American Revolution
Jeffers Honoree 2009 Baron Norman, OK poet Research for book of poems whose centerpiece is a series about Phillis Wheatley, which imagines her interior life
Keralis Spencer 2009-10 Legacy New York University Ph.D. candidate Children of Wrath: Violence, Remembrance, and the Making of Youth in Antebellum America
Koschnik Albrecht 2009-10 ASECS Library Company of Philadelphia American Conceptions of Civil Society, 1750-1850
Lovett Ann 2009 Hearst New Paltz, NY photographer Artist book about the textile mills of Lowell and other Massachusetts mill towns and the "mill girls" who worked in them
Luarca-Shoaf Nenette 2009-10 Last University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate The Place of the Mississippi River in Antebellum Visual Culture and Imagination
Malanson Jeffrey 2009-10 Peterson Boston College Ph.D. candidate Addressing America: Washington's Farewell and the Making of National Culture, Politics, and Diplomacy, 1796-1852
Martinko Whitney 2009-10 Last University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate Progress through Preservation: History on the American Landscape in an Age of Improvement, 1790-1860
Mattes Mark 2009-10 Botein University of Iowa Ph.D. candidate Letter Interception and Publication during the Era of Good Feelings
Monteiro Lyra 2009-10 Last Brown University Ph.D. candidate Racializing the Ancient World: Ancestry and Identity in the Early United States, 1760-1860
Pawley Emily 2009-10 AAS-NEH University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate 'The Balance Sheet of Nature': Calculating the New York Farm, 1825-1860
Perry Seth 2009-10 Reese University of Chicago Ph.D. candidate The Bible and Religious Authority in Early-National America, 1770-1850
Pierce Jennifer 2009-10 Last The University of Iowa assistant professor The Reign of Children: Games and Toys in American Public Libraries
Piggush Yvette 2009-10 Peterson Florida International University assistant professor We Have No Ruins: Antiquarianism, Archives, and National Identity in the United States, 1790-1840
Pratt Lloyd 2009-10 AAS-NEH Michigan State University assistant professor The Freedoms of a Stranger: American and African American Literature, 1830-1860
Quanquin Hélène 2009-10 Peterson Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris associate professor 'With feebler voices?' Men and the American Women's Rights Movement, 1830-1890
Roberts Wendy 2009-10 Peterson Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate Revival Poetry and the Formation of the Evangelical Ear in Eighteenth-Century America
Ross Kelly 2009-10 Last The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate Marks and Traces: The Prehistory of the Detective Story
Senchyne Jonathan 2009-10 Last Cornell University PhD candidate 'Bottles of Ink, and Reams of Paper': Racial Mixture and Legibility in Antebellum Illustration
Sheehan Tanya 2009-10 AAS-NEH Rutgers University assistant professor Blacks and Whites: Race and Early Photographic Humor
Sievens Mary Beth 2009-10 AAS-NEH SUNY-Fredonia associate professor The Fruit of My Industry: Household Economy, the Market, and Consumer Society in New England, 1790-1865
Snead James 2009-10 Peterson George Mason University associate professor The 'Kentucky Mummy': Encounters with Antiquity in the Early Nineteenth-Century America
Stagg Allison 2009-10 Last University College, University of London PhD candidate American Political Caricatures: 1787-1825
Stern Arden 2009-10 Last University of California, Irvine PhD candidate Slanted, Shredded, and Simulated: A Cultural History of the Unruly Typeface
Strong Robert 2009 Hearst Maine poet Bright Advent: A work of poetry set in the years leading to King Philip's War
Wilson Jennifer 2009-10 Peterson The Graduate Center, The City University of New York Ph.D. candidate Performing Frenchness in Nineteenth-Century New York and New Orleans: Francois Boieldieu's 'La Dame Blanche'; Daniel Auber's 'La Muette de Portici'; and Giacomo Meyerbeer's 'Robert le Diable' and 'Les Huguenots'
Winship Michael 2009-10 AAS-NEH University of Texas professor Reaching the Market: Book Distribution in the United States, 1825-1950
Yee Lauren 2009 Baron San Francisco, CA playwright interdisciplinary play exploring the concept of "performing racial identity in America"

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