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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Armstrong Kimberly 2016-17 Reese Metropolitan Community College, Omaha instructor 'The Plague is Just as Great Today': Selling the Subscription Book in Postbellum America
Blandford AJ 2016-17 Last Rutgers University PhD candidate Labor and the Visualization of Knowledge in American Geological Surveys
Blumenthal Susanna 2016-17 AAS-NEH University of Minnesota professor of law and associate professor of history Humbug: A Legal History
Boonshoft Mark 2016-17 Alstott-Morgan New York Public Library post-doctoral research fellow Monarchical Education and the Making of the American Republic, 1730-1812
Booth Jonathon 2016-17 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate Criminal Law and Post-Emancipation Society in the Atlantic World
Bynum Tara 2016-17 AAS-NEH Rutgers University postdoctoral fellow in English Reading Pleasures
Caison Gina 2016-17 Last Georgia State University associate professor of English Feather
Carmody Todd 2016-17 Peterson Harvard University lecturer Racial Handicap: Uplift and Rehabilitation in Postbellum America
Chuong Jennifer 2016-17 Drawn to Art Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Marbling and Projection in Early American Bindings
Cooper Abigail 2016-17 AAS-NEH Brandeis University assistant professor of history ‘Lord, Until I Reach My Home’: Inside the Refugee Camps of the American Civil War
Dellinger Matt 2016 Baron Brooklyn, NY non-fiction writer and digital artist The Brooklyn 14th Regiment
Di Loreto Sonia 2016-17 Peterson University of Torino associate professor Margaret Fuller’s Transnational Archive
Draper Mary 2016-17 Peterson University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate The Urban World of the Early Modern British Caribbean
Dupey James 2016-17 Arizona State University Arizona State University Ph.D. candidate Editor as Clergy: The Power of Print in the Stone-Campbell Movement
Elrick Krista 2016 Last Jay and Deborah Last (artist) Santa Fe, NM photographer A Country No More: Rediscovering the Landscapes of John James Audubon
Emerson D. Berton 2016-17 Botein Pomona College visiting assistant professor of English Local Rules: Vernacular Aesthetics and Alternative Democracies in Antebellum Print Culture
Etter Lukas 2016-17 Ebeling University of Siegen Post-doctoral Research Fellow 'Word Problems': Popular and Educational Discourses on Mathematics in the Pre-Civil War United States
Farrell Jessica 2016-17 Peterson University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate (Re)Capturing Empire: A Reconsideration of Liberia’s Precarious Sovereignty and American Empire as Exception in the Nineteenth Century
Fess Paul 2016-17 Last City University of New York Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate Resonant Texts: The Politics and Practices of Nineteenth-Century African American Music and Print Culture
Fischer Kirsten 2016-17 Peterson University of Minnesota associate professor of history Vitalism in America: Elihu Palmer’s Radical Religion in the Early Republic
Franzino Jean 2016-17 Last Macalester College visiting assistant professor of English Freak Show Aesthetics
Gillis Brendan 2016-17 Hench Miami University of Ohio visiting assistant professor Conduits of Justice: Magistrates and the British Imperial State, 1732-1834
Gochberg Reed 2016-17 Packer Boston University Ph.D. candidate Novel Objects: Museums and Scientific Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Greenspan Ezra 2016-17 AAS-NEH Southern Methodist University Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Chair in Humanities and Professor of English The Lives and Times of Frederick Douglass and His Family: A Composite Biography
Guillen Nalleli 2016-17 Tracy University of Delaware Ph.D. candidate 'Round the World Every Evening': Panoramic Spectacles, Entertainment Culture, and a Growing Imperial Consciousness in Nineteenth-Century America
Hudson Angela Pulley 2016-17 Peterson Texas A&M University associate professor of history Indian Doctresses in the Nineteenth-Century United States
Jones Sophie Heather 2016-17 Peterson University of Liverpool Ph.D. candidate From Anglicization to Loyalism: New York, 1691-1783
Joy Natalie 2016-17 Peterson Northern Illinois University assistant professor of history Abolitionists and Indians in the Antebellum Era
Knecht Rachel 2016-17 Lapides Brown University Ph.D. candidate Inventing the Mathematical Economy in Nineteenth-Century America
Lett Telesia 2016-17 AHPCS Boston University Ph.D. candidate Making Money: Alfred Jones and the Business of Engraving
McDermott Shawna 2016-17 Last University of Pittsburgh Ph.D. candidate Reading Race: Visual Literacy in Nineteenth-Century American Children's Periodicals
Michelon Christina 2016-17 Last University of Minnesota Ph.D. candidate Interior Impressions: Printed Material in the Nineteenth-Century American Home
Miller Denise 2016 Hearst Texas Township, MI creative writer Travelogos: African Americans and the Struggle for Safe Passage
Mulry Kate 2016-17 ASECS California State University, Bakersfield assistant professor of history Unwholesome Tinctures: Inoculation and Questions of Heredity in the Early Eighteenth-Century Anglo Atlantic
Narvaez Auréliane 2016-17 Jenny d’Héricourt University of Paris IV-Sorbonne Ph.D. candidate Mobility of Faith in Early America: Religious Wanderings and Spiritual Journeys
Nobles Gregory 2016-17 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Georgia Institute of Technology professor Betsey Stockton’s Mission: From Slavery to Freedom, From Princeton to the Pacific
Oliva Justine 2016-17 Botein University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate Anne C. L. Botta and the Business of Friendship
Phillips Christopher N. 2016-17 Burkhardt Lafayette College associate professor of English The Hymnal Before the Notes: A History of Reading and Practice
Pope Justin 2016-17 Legacy Beloit College visiting assistant professor of history Dangerous Spirit of Liberty: How Slave Rebellion Transformed the Atlantic World
Pottroff Christy 2016-17 Last Fordham University Ph.D. candidate The Mail Gaze: Early American Literature, Letters, and the Post Office
Sasanov Catherine 2016 Baron Jamaica Plain, MA poet Markd Y (Archives and Invocations)
Schuetze Sarah 2016-17 Last University of Wisconsin-Green Bay assistant professor of English Calamity Howl
Siebert Johanna 2016-17 Ebeling Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Ph.D. candidate Networks of Taste: The Early African Caribbean Press in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World
Slonimsky Nora 2016-17 Last City University of New York Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate 'The Engine of Free Expression'[?]: The Political Development of Copyright in the Colonial British Atlantic and Early National United States
Sperling Juliet 2016-17 Last University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate Animating Flatness: Seeing Moving Images in American Painting and Mass Visual Culture, 1800-1895
Stinson Susan 2016 Hearst Northampton, MA novelist Research for a novel about Elizabeth Tuttle Edwards
Stuckey Amanda 2016-17 Schiller College of William and Mary PhD candidate Reading Bodies: Disability and the Book in Nineteenth-Century American Culture

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