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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Bailey Candace 2019-20 Keller North Carolina Central University professor of music Nontraditional Patterns of Gendered Music Circulation
Bennett Zachary 2019-20 Last Rutgers University postdoctoral fellow in history Flowing Power: Rivers and the Remaking of Colonial New England
Bergren Katherine 2019-20 Peterson Trinity College professor of English Ordinary Transatlanticism: Anonymous Parodies of Romantic Poetry from the Caribbean and U.S.
Carbonell Caylin 2019-20 Peterson William & Mary Ph.D. candidate in history At Home in My Master’s House: Household, Labor, and Authority in Early New England
Chapin Chloe 2019-20 Jaffee Harvard University Ph.D. candidate in American studies The False Universal of Nineteenth-Century Formal Attire: Uniformity, Masculinity, and Power
Erben Patrick 2019-20 Reese University of West Georgia professor of English The German Pietist Origins of the American Self
Etter Lukas 2019-20 Peterson University of Siegen assistant professor of English 'Word Problems’: Popular, Literary, and Educational Discourses on Mathematics in the Pre-Civil War United States
Field Corinne 2019-20 Drawn-to-Art University of Virginia associate professor of women, gender, and sexuality Grand Old Women and Modern Girls: Age, Race, and Power in the U.S. Women’s Rights Movement, 1870-1920
Friend Craig 2019-20 AAS-NEH North Carolina State University professor of history Lullaby of Freedom: Lunsford Lane’s America
Garcia John 2019-20 AAS-NEH Florida State University assistant professor of English Without Order: Booksellers and the Failures of the Early American Book Trade, 1679-1840
Gowen Emily 2019-20 Reese Boston University Ph.D. candidate in English and American literature Defoe’s American Readers
Green Nathaniel 2019-20 Last Northern Virginia Community College associate professor of history The Man of the People: Political Dissent and the Making of the American Presidency
Griffin Sean 2019-20 Peterson Lehman College Ph.D. candidate in history Labor, Land, and Freedom: Antebellum Labor Reform and the Rise of Antislavery Politics
Grubbs Lindsey 2019-20 Peterson Emory University Ph.D. candidate in English Moral Disorders: The Diagnostic Logic of Nineteenth-Century Literature and Medicine
Grunes Marissa 2019-20 Last Harvard University Ph.D. candidate in English This Corner in the Wild: Architectural Metaphor in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Hernandez Melanie 2019-20 Last California State University, Fresno assistant professor of English Drawing the Border: Mexicans and Mexicanness in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Visual Culture
Holmes Gerard 2019-20 Peterson University of Maryland Ph.D. candidate in English 'Discretion in the Interval': Emily Dickinson’s Musical Performances
Honeycutt Brece 2019 Hearst Sheffield, MA mixed media artist A series of artworks that demonstrate at their core a respect for the natural world in ages past
Kelley Mark 2019-20 AHPCS Florida International University assistant professor of English Sentimental Seamen: Feeling Bodies in an American Age of Sail
Lamore Eric 2019-20 Reese University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM) professor of English Abagail Field Mott’s 1829 Abridged Edition of Olaudah Equiano’s ‘Interesting Narrative’: A Critical Edition
Larkin Ilana 2019-20 Lapides Northwestern University Ph.D. candidate in English Hostile Love: Discipline, Nation, and History-Making in American Children’s Literature
Lee-Johnson Jazzmen 2019 Jay and Deborah Last Providence, RI interdisciplinary artist Contraband: Visual pieces that explore how the industry of slavery laid the blueprint for drug crimes, gang culture, and mass incarceration in Black communities
Leslie Alex 2019-20 Peterson Rutgers University Ph.D. candidate in literature Reading Regions: American Literature and Cultural Geography, 1865-1915
Mahoney Nicole 2019-20 Botein University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America, 1770-1825
Masse Isabelle 2019-20 Last McGill University Ph.D. candidate in art history Itinerant Portraitists in North America: Mobility, Practice, Transmission, 1776-1812
McCants Laurie 2019 Baron Bloomsburg, PA actor Solo performance about Frances Slocum, who in 1778 was abducted by the Lenape at 5 years of age
Michelon Christina 2019-20 AAS-NEH postdoctoral fellow Printcraft: Making with Mass Images in Nineteenth-Century America
Miller Rachel 2019-20 Hench Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers University postdoctoral associate Capital Entertainment: Stage Work and the Origins of the Creative Economy, 1843-1912
Mills David 2019 Hearst Long Island City, NY poet After Mistic: A poetry manuscript that focuses on slavery in Massachusetts and New York
Mills Shavonte 2019-20 Schiller Pennsylvania State University Ph.D. candidate in history Visionaries: The Black Educational Network as Transnational Diasporic Politics, 1840-1880
Morgan Patrick 2019-20 Alstott-Morgan Duke University Ph.D. candidate in English Manifesting Vertical Destiny: Geology, Reform, and the Stratified Earth in American Literature, Long Nineteenth Century
Muller Hannah 2019-20 ASECS Brandeis University assistant professor of history Alien Invasions and Revolutionary Contagion
Murokh Dina 2019-20 Last University of Southern California Ph.D. candidate in art history 'A Sort of Picture Gallery': The Visual Culture of Antebellum America
Orr Ittai 2019-20 Packer Yale University Ph.D. candidate in American studies American Intelligences: Literature and the Science of the Mind, 1780-1870
Pauwels Erin 2019-20 Last Temple University assistant professor of art history Napoleon Sarony and the Art of Living Pictures
Rezek Joseph 2019-20 AAS-NEH Boston University associate professor of English The Racialization of Print
Rosen Rebecca 2019-20 Last Hollins University visiting assistant professor of English Making the Body Speak: Anatomy, Autopsy, and Testimony in Early America, 1639-1790
Sanchez-Eppler Karen 2019-20 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence Amherst College L. Stanton Williams 1941 Professor of American Studies and English The Archives of Childhood: Playing with the Past
Sizemore Michelle 2019-20 Legacy University of Kentucky associate professor of English Figures: Literature and Mathematics in the Atlantic World, 1750-1860
Stewart Whitney 2019-20 AAS-NEH University of Texas at Dallas assistant professor of historical studies The Home that Slavery Made: How Plantation Slavery Racialized the American Home
Szantyr Rebecca 2019-20 Last Brown University Ph.D. candidate in history of art & architecture Nicolino Calyo: A Wider View of American Art, 1833-1855
Takahata Kimberly 2019-20 Peterson Columbia University Ph.D. candidate in English & literature Skeletal Testimony: Bony Biopolitics in the Early Atlantic
Walker Louise 2019-20 Burkhardt Northeastern University associate professor of history Economic Woes: Debt and the Ethics of Capitalism in Modern Mexico
Walsh Megan 2019-20 AAS-NEH St. Bonaventure University professor of English Bad Archives: Extra-Illustration and the History of Information Management in the U.S.
Wells Andrew 2019-20 Ebeling University of Greifswald Alfried Krupp junior fellow, Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Localising Liberty: Freedom in the Urban British Atlantic, 1660-1760
Williams Trudy 2019 Baron Leeds, MA playwright Complex Harmony: Music, Walt Whitman, and the Railroads
Zehnder Madeline 2019-20 Botein University of Virginia Ph.D. candidate in English Pocket-Sized Nation: Cultures of Portability in America, 1790-1840
Zelnik Eran 2019-20 Last California State University, Chico lecturer in history Republic of Mirth: Humor, Settler Colonialism, and the Making of a White Man’s Democracy, 1750-1850

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