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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Last name First name Date Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Alemán Jesse 2023-24 Mellon Distinguished Fellow University of New Mexico professor
Angelica Kathryn 2023-24 Peterson University of Connecticut PhD candidate in history An Uneasy Alliance: Cooperation and Conflict in Nineteenth-Century Black and White Women's Activism
Badley Chip 2023-24 Hench University of California Santa Barbara Lecturer of English Writing Beauty: Painting and Queer Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Baker Megan 2023-24 Drawn to Art University of Delaware PhD candidate in art history Pastel Rebellion: The Material Politics of North American Pastels, 1758-1814
Bervin Jen 2023 Jay and Deborah Last Guilford, CT poet and interdisciplinary artist Research for “Measuring the Sun,” encompassing new and ongoing work on Emily Dickinson focused on artworks in the form of composites, concordances, visual indexes, and artist books
Blakeslee Thomas 2023-24 Brown Family Collection Harvard University PhD candidate, teaching fellow in history Domestic Disturbances: The Shaping of Black Fatherhood, Manhood, and Resistance in America
Blankenship Avery 2023-24 Botein Northeastern University PhD candidate in English Kitchen Ventriloquisms
Block Elizabeth 2023-24 Jaffee The MetropolitanMuseum of Art, NY senior editor, publications and editorial department Hairdressing in the 19th Century
Bruce Emily C. 2023-24 Schiller University of Minnesota Morris associate professor of history Siblings on the Move: German, Irish, and French Canadian Families, 1840–1930
Burge Daniel J. 2023-24 Peterson Kentucky Historical Society associate editor in research and collections The Washington Doctrine, A Continental History, 1800-1920
Chaparro-Silva Alexander 2023-24 Peterson The University of Texas at Austin PhD candidate in history Writing the Other America: Democracy, Race, and Print Culture in the Americas, 1830-1898
Davidson Ben 2023-24 AAS-NEH Saint Michael's College Visiting scholar in history Freedom's Generation: Coming of Age in the Era of Emancipation
de Galzain Alice 2023-24 Packer University of Edinburgh PhD candidate in English Literature Recounting the Lives of Women Writers: Emerson on Fuller, Godwin on Wollstonecraft, and Sand on Sand
Dev Roy Shaibal 2023-24 Reese University of Southern California PhD candidate in English Publishing Americans in Nineteenth-Century India
Fraser Gordon Dennis 2023-24 Botein University of Manchester lecturer in English, American studies, and creative writing Engineering Peace
Glassmeyer Danielle 2023-24 Alstott Morgan Bradley University associate professor of English Other People's Children
Grider Phillip 2023-24 Ebeling Georg-August-Universität Göttingen research associate Nonhuman Agency in Early North American Media
Hawley Elizabeth Haven 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Florida University librarian special and area studies collections, George A. Smathers Libraries A Perfect Machine: The Adams Power Press
Hayes Monique Celeste 2023 Baron Fort Washington, MD historical novelist Research for “Sally Forth,” on African-American experience during the American Revolution from the years 1771-1785
Hess Sophie 2023-24 Korzenik University of Maryland PhD candidate in American history 'Come by Water and Not by Land:' Iron, Rivers, and Challenges to Settler Colonialism in Maryland, 1608-1782
Hooper Rachel 2023-24 Korzenik Savannah College of Art and Design professor of art history Black-Owned Art Collections in the United States, 1860-1870
Jao Charline 2023-24 Brown Family Collection Cornell University Graduate candidate in literatures in English Family and Bereavement in the Album
Johnson Ronald Angelo 2023-24 Peterson Baylor University associate professor of history Mutual Entanglements: Transracial Ties between Haitians and Revolutionary Americans
Johnston Patricia 2023-24 Last College of the Holy Cross professor of visual arts Global Aesthetics
Kelley Wyn 2023-24 AAS-NEH Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senior lecturer of literature Brazi in Early North American Black Print Culture
Lamore Eric 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Professor of English “Unstable as Water”: Early Black Atlantic Literature and Textual Fluidity
Legros Georges Danielle 2023 Hearst Boston, MA poet Research for “Acts of Resistance to New England Slavery by Africans Themselves in New England,” a series of poems about Black self-determinism and articulations of freedom within and against the context of Northern slavery
Malka Adam 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Oklahoma Associate professor of history The Carceral Turn: Crime and Punishment during the Civil War Era
Manuel Crystal Dawn 2023-24 Keller University of Missouri Kansas City PhD candidate in history Female Hymnodists of the Nineteenth Century
Marsh D. Lance 2023 Hearst Oklahoma City, OK playwright Research for “Macbeth/Forrest/Macbeth” a radical reworking of the text of Shakespeare’s Macbeth as seen through the lens of the Astor Place Riots
Martin Alice 2023-24 Reese Rutgers University PhD candidate in English Playing with Scripted Intimacy: The Uptake of American Autograph Albums, 1820-1860
Martino Kristina 2023 Baron Sunderland, MA poet and visual artist Research for “The Avian Kingdom,” a project that concerns reinventing the pastoral poem and fusing human consciousness with that of the landscape, as well as various environmental and health crises
McPartland Kevin 2023-24 Tracy University of Cincinnati PhD candidate in history The Birthing of a Nation: Confederate Nationalism in the Southern Press
Mitchell Karah M. 2023-24 Lapides University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD candidate in English and Comparative Literature Animals and Becoming Human(e) in Nineteenth-Century American Children's Literature
Pappas Andrea 2023-24 Last Santa Clara University associate professor of art and art history Art and Enslavement in Two Massachusetts Embroideries 1756-1758
Plasencia Samantha 2023-24 Peterson Colby College assistant professor of English Signifying Against Anti-Blackness: Black Rhetorical Communities in Early America 1760-1830
Porwancher Andrew 2023-24 AAS-NEH University of Oklahoma Professor of constitutional studies & Judaic studies The Great Jewish Lunacy Trial
Racine Karen 2023-24 Legacy University of Guelph professor of history Samuel Larned in South America: The Monroe Doctrine's Dependable Diplomat
Ruffin Taneil 2023-24 Peterson Princeton University PhD candidate in history Haitian Revolution Refugees and Legal Cultures of Slavery and Freedom in the Atlantic World, 1791-1860
Russell Alison 2023-24 AHPCS University of Massachusetts, Amherst PhD candidate in history "On That Shield!": American Identity and the Constitution in the Early Republic
Schreiber Kayla 2023-24 Last University of Southern Mississippi Graduate Student of English Black Fugitivity, Disability, and Sexual Deviancy in Nineteenth Century Slave Narratives
Smith Hampton 2023-24 Last Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD candidate in history, Theory, and Criticism of art and Architecture Making under Slavery in the Black Atlantic World, 1750-1865
Stanton Grant 2023-24 Peterson University of Pennsylvania PhD candidate in history White Allies in Revolutionary Massachusetts?: The Antislavery Commitments of Isaiah Thomas and Ezekiel Russell
Thompson Todd 2023-24 Last Indiana University of Pennsylvania professor of English Manifest Jestiny
Yoo Roth Helena 2023-24 Peterson The Graduate Center, City University of New York PhD candidate in history American Timelines: Imperial Communications, Colonial Time-Consciousness, and the Coming of the American Revolution

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