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Each fellow's institutional affiliation and position at the time of the fellowship is listed. Fellows may be sorted by last name, fellowship cycles, and fellowship. Over five hundred books by fellows are based on research conducted during AAS fellowships.

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Hearst Fellows

Hearst Foundations Fellowships are for creative and performing artists and writers.

Residence Fellowship Year Project
Arielle Ballard poet Brockton, MA Hearst 2017 Research on interactions between black and indigenous people for a full-length book of poetry
Lisa Bielawa Lisa Bielawa composer, producer, performer New York, NY Hearst 2018 Sanctuary & Centuries in the Hours: A series of small works for the violin and voice, focusing on immigration
Laurie Block filmmaker Conway, MA Hearst 2007 Documentary about Helen Keller
Geoffrey Brock Geoffrey Brock. Photo Credit: Martin Miller poet Fayetteville, Arkansas Hearst 2001 Voices Bright Flags: Poems based on American historical events
Katrina Browne filmmaker Berkeley, CA Hearst 2000 Traces of the Trade: Research on the history and legacy of the slave trade in New England
Stephanie Carpenter Stephanie Carpenter. Photo Credit: Brockit, Inc fiction writer Hancock, MI Hearst 2015 Many and Wide Separations: Two novellas that focus on fictional female artists in mid-nineteenth-century New England
Melanie Cataldo Melanie Cataldo. Photo Credit: Nathan Fiske illustrator Worcester, MA Hearst 2020 The Making: An illustrated novel that focuses on the struggle of two young girls living by 19th century standards in mid 20th century New England
Maureen Cummins Maureen Cummins. Photo Credit: Kelly Sinclair book artist Bearsville, NY Hearst 2000 Anthro(A)pology
Deborah Dancy Deborah Dancy painter Storrs, CT Hearst 2002 The Conjurer's Apprentice or The Legend of Yellow Mary: A Slave Girl's Tale of Survival by her Wit and Extraordinary Powers, as written by herself
Camille Dungy poet Colorado State University Hearst 2005 Suck on the Marrow
Ansel Elkins Ansel Elkins poet Greensboro, NC Hearst 2012 A collection of poems about the lives of 19th-century conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker and Millie-Christine McKoy
Kimberly Elkins Kimberly Elkins. Photo credit: Sarah Shatz fiction writer New York, NY Hearst 2007 What is Visible: A novel about the lives of Laura Bridgman and Julia Ward Howe
Amina Gautier fiction writer Chicago, IL Hearst 2013 Band of Gideon: A historical novel about 3 black female members of Gideon's Band, a group of Northern idealist, seminary students, school teachers, and abolitionists who traveled south to help the slaves on the South Carolina Sea Island
Kelle Groom Kelle Groom poet New Smyrna Beach, FL Hearst 2011 Memoir about Thomas Greenough, the last surviving Wampanoag Indian on the Bass River reservation in South Yarmouth, MA
Anne Harley Anne Harley musician, soprano Claremont, CA Hearst 2012 True Witness: A multi-choral civil rights cantata inspired by the texts of Charlotte Forten
Sean Hill Sean Hill poet Bemidji, MN Hearst 2010 Dangerous Goods: A series of poems about two African American men who immigrated with their families from Milledgeville, GA to Liberia in the 1870s
Hallie Hobson playwright New York, NY Hearst 2001 Watchnight: A play on the eve of Emancipation
Brece Honeycutt Brece Honeycutt mixed media artist Sheffield, MA Hearst 2019 A series of artworks that demonstrate at their core a respect for the natural world in ages past
Shirley Hunt Shirley Hunt musician Boston, MA Hearst 2022 Research for concert/lecture which focuses on early 19th-century lutherie in New England
Sandra Jackson-Opoku novelist Chicago, IL Hearst 2008 God's Gift to the Natives: A novel that explores one musician's enigmatic life and tragic death, while also charting the history and movement of the African diaspora
Carolyn Kras Carolyn Kras writer, screen (TV, theater, stage) Los Angeles, CA Hearst 2014 Research for a TV pilot script to take place in 1871 after the Great Chicago Fire
Darryl Lauster sculptor Arlington, TX Hearst 2022 Research for a series of bronze sculptures that will visually identify with scrolls and parchment manuscripts
Danielle Legros Georges poet Boston, MA Hearst 2023 Research for “Acts of Resistance to New England Slavery by Africans Themselves in New England,” a series of poems about Black self-determinism and articulations of freedom within and against the context of Northern slavery
Ruth Lopez writer Chicago, IL Hearst 2003 Research in the McLoughlin Brothers archive toward a social history on the artists who helped create children's literature in America
Ann Lovett photographer New Paltz, NY Hearst 2009 Artist book about the textile mills of Lowell and other Massachusetts mill towns and the "mill girls" who worked in them
Erin Lyons Erin Lyons fiction writer Washington, DC Hearst 2015 Historical novel about Anne Hutchinson and the Massachusetts Bay Colony, from 1630-1638, told from the point of view of a servant girl
Denise Miller Denise Miller creative writer Texas Township, MI Hearst 2016 Travelogos: African Americans and the Struggle for Safe Passage
David Mills David Mills poet Long Island City, NY Hearst 2019 After Mistic: A poetry manuscript that focuses on slavery in Massachusetts and New York
Martha Morss writer Mount Vernon, OH Hearst 2004 Mary Katherine Goddard, colonial printer
Lavonne Mueller playwright Chicago, IL Hearst 2003 A collection of short one-story plays about six notable American women, Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison, Sacagawea, Lucy Stone, Harriet Tubman, and Martha Washington
Brian Mullin Brian Mullin playwright London, U.K. Hearst 2018 Play inspired by the community of freed African-American slaves who lived freely in an abandoned British garrison in the West Florida territory following the end of the War of 1812
Kathryn Nuernberger poet Minneapolis–St. Paul, MN. Hearst 2010 A collection of poems that merges poetic and academic impulses through special attention to performance art from the 19th century as well as games, plays, and librettos
Aimee Parkison Aimee Parkison fiction writer Stillwater, OK Hearst 2013 Sister Seance: A historical literary novel set in Concord, MA in the 19th century, that explores the hidden sexual implications in parlor games and holiday courtship rituals of Victorian Americans
Alyson Pou Alyson Pou performance artist New York, NY Hearst 2004 A Slight Headache (solo performance)
Celeste Roberge sculptor South Portland, ME Hearst 2008 Granite Sofa (sculpture)
Nancy Rubin Stuart Nancy Rubin Stuart writer New York, NY Hearst 2005 The Muse of the Revolution; The Secret Pen of Mercy Otis Warren and the Founding of a Nation
Michael Schlitt Michael Schlitt storyteller Los Angeles, CA Hearst 2020 The Pursuit of Happiness podcast: a multi-episode audio series about Americans' quest for an elusive, aspirational ideal of happiness
Sarah Stern Sarah Stern playwright Red Hook, NY Hearst 2014 Research for play tentatively called "The Spectator," which deals with the intersection of politics and theatre in New York City during the 1730s
Susan Stinson Susan Stinson novelist Northampton, MA Hearst 2016 Research for a novel about Elizabeth Tuttle Edwards
Robert Strong poet Maine Hearst 2009 Bright Advent: A work of poetry set in the years leading to King Philip's War
Brian Teare poet Charlottesville, VA Hearst 2011 Inter-disciplinary project including poetry and photographs, with focus on spirit photography and spiritualism
Ellen Wiener painter, printmaker, book artist Princeton, NJ Hearst 2002 A new 'Book of Hours' using imagery from nineteenth century sources
Kriota Willberg Kriota Willberg choreographer and cartoonist New York, NY Hearst 2006 Updated version for a performance of the 1866 Broadway production of 'The Black Crook' 
Shana Youngdahl Shana Youngdahl Poet and author Farmington, ME Hearst 2017 Research for poems about women in the early New England tin ware industry

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