Recent Scholarship Based on Research at AAS

The following list includes recent publications, performances, and awards based on research by our fellows, members, and other readers. Books that were featured in AAS programs are indicated by Link to AAS YouTube Channel. Click the icon to access the recording. To access publisher pages and purchasing options, view the List of Recent Publications.

Publications and Other Works Based on Research at AAS Since 2000


Exchange of Ideas by Adam Nelson (2023)
Capital of Mind by Adam Nelson (2024)
Scientific Americans by Susan Branson (2022)
Fictions of Consent by Urvashi Chakravarty (2022)
American Fragments by Daniel Diez Couch (2022)
The Education of Betsey Stockton by Gregory Nobles (2022)


List of Recent Publications

Use the links below to access publisher pages and to view purchasing options.


Blatt, Martin Henry. Violence and Public Memory. Routledge, 2023.

Branson, Susan. Scientific Americans: Invention, Technology, and National Identity. Cornell University Press, 2022. (Peterson Fellow)

Chakravarty, Urvashi. Fictions of Consent: Slavery, Servitude, and Free Service in Early Modern England. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022. (Lapides Fellow)

Couch, Daniel Diez. American Fragments: The Political Aesthetic of Unfinished Forms in the Early Republic. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022. (Reese Fellow)

Nelson, Adam. Exchange of Ideas: The Economy of Higher Education in Early America University of Chicago Press, 2023. (AAS-NEH Fellow)

Nelson, Adam. The second is Capital of Mind: The Idea of a Modern American University University of Chicago Press, 2024. (AAS-NEH Fellow)

Nobles, Gregory. The Education of Betsey Stockton: An Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom Chicago University Press, 2022. (Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence)


Recent Article Publications

Hazard, Sonia. "How Joseph Smith Encountered Printing Plates and Founded Mormonism," Religion and American Culture 31, no. 1 (2021). (AAS-NEH Fellow)

Martini, Elspeth. “Visiting Indians, Nursing Fathers, and Anglo-American Empire in the post-War of 1812 Western Great Lakes,” William and Mary Quarterly, vol. 78, no. 3 (2021). (AAS-NEH Fellow)

Michelon, Christina. "Labor, Loss, and Recuperation in Sarah Miriam Peale's Mary Leypold Griffith (1838-1841)," American Art (2021). (AAS-NEH Fellow)

Murphy, Sharon Ann. “Enslaved Financing of Southern Industry: The Nesbitt Manufacturing Company of South Carolina, 1836–1850,” Enterprise & Society (2021). (AAS-NEH Fellow)

Sperling, Juliet. "Unfolding Metamorphosis, or the Early American Tactile Image." American Art 35, no. 3 (2021): 58-87. (Jay and Deborah Last Fellow)

Suazo, Matt. "Uneven Improvement," Neither the Time nor the Place: Today's Nineteenth Century, Chris Castiglia and Susan Gillman, eds., University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022. (AAS- NEH Fellow)

Walker, Rachel. “Facing Race: Popular Science and Black Intellectual Thought in Antebellum America,” Early American Studies 19, no. 3 (Summer 2021). (AAS-NEH Fellow)


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