Staff Directory

Senior managers

Scott E. Casper, President
scasper [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2161 — bio

Kristen Balash, Vice President for Finance and Administration
kbalash [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2167 — bio

Lauren B. Hewes, Vice President for Collections and Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Graphic Arts
lhewes [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2124 — bio

Lynn Swain, Vice President for Advancement
lswain [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2162 — bio

Beth Tsamis, Associate Librarian and Head of Acquisitions
btsamis [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2166 — bio

Nan Wolverton, Vice President for Academic and Public Programs
nwolverton [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2119 — bio


Sarah Barnard, Acquisitions Librarian
sbarnard [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2156 — bio

Brianne Barrett, Assistant Head of Readers' Services
bbarrett [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2171 — bio

Dan Boudreau, Head of Readers' Services
dboudreau [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2171 — bio

William Butler, Maintenance Assistant
wbutler [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2168

Andrew Cariglia, Head of Buildings and Grounds
acariglia [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2168 — bio

Ashley Cataldo, Curator of Manuscripts
acataldo [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2174 — bio

David Cohen, Receptionist
dcohen [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2152

Nick Conti, Director of Information Technology
aconti [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2153 — bio

Stephanie Corrigan, Public Programs Coordinator
scorrigan [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2127 — bio

Alan N. Degutis, North American Imprints Program Coordinator
adegutis [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2170 — bio

Kristin Donahoo, Business Operations Coordinator
kdonahoo [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2164

Carol Fisher-Crosby, Senior Cataloger and Authorities Librarian
ccrosby [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2145 — bio

Nathan Fiske, Photographer and Media Producer
nfiske [at] mwa [dot] org — bio

Nancy Fresella-Lee, Conservation Assistant

Julieane Frost, Marketing and Publications Specialist
jfrost [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2128 — bio

John J. Garcia, Director of Scholarly Programs and Partnerships
jgarcia [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2134 — bio

Babette Gehnrich, Chief Conservator
bgehnrich [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2169 — bio

Rebecca Giguere, Cataloger
rgiguere [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2145 — bio

Vincent L. Golden, Curator of Newspapers and Periodicals
vgolden [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2148 — bio

Christine Graham Morris, Associate Curator of Graphic Arts and Registrar
cgraham [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2110 — bio

Joseph Haebler, Receptionist
jhaebler [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2152 — bio

Kathleen M. Haley, Information Systems Librarian
khaley [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2147 — bio

Laura Haskell, Library Assistant
lhaskell [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2171 — bio

Lauren Haveles, Program Operations Assistant
lhaveles [at] mwa [dot]org — 508-471-2149

Marissa Maynard, Library and Archives Conservator
mmaynard [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2165 — bio

Farrell Mead, Human Resources Manager
fmead [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2133 — bio

Alan Mendieta-Rivadeneyra, Acquisitions Assistant
alanm [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2156 — bio

Alicia Murphy, Serials Cataloger
amurphy [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2144 — bio

Jaclyn Penny, Graphic Designer
jpenny [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2126 — bio

Danielle Pickett, Assistant Director of Advancement
dpickett [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2142 — bio

Ana Pietrewicz, Library Digitization Assistant
apietrewicz [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2140 — bio

Elizabeth Watts Pope, Curator of Books and Digital Collections
epope [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2118 — bio

Beth Rheaume, Library Aide and Cataloging Assistant
brheaume [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2145

Anthony Schiavone, Maintenance Assistant
aschiavone [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2168

Wayne Stepanauskas, Development Assistant
wstepanauskas [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2141 — bio

Caroline Stoffel, Online Services Librarian
cstoffel [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2154 — bio

Lisa Sutter, Acquisitions Assistant
lsutter [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2156 — bio

Sally Talbot, Receptionist
stalbot [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2152

Jennifer Trently, Executive Assistant to the President
jtrently[at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2111 — bio

Laura E. Wasowicz, Curator of Children's Literature
lwasowicz [at] mwa [dot] org — 508-471-2146 — bio

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